Single Girl Problems: My 5 Proven Ways To Overcome Them

You are probably wondering what single girl problems could be because you may want to live alone, or it has been quite some time since you’ve been single and you are wondering what kind of problems you might run into in the future.

Whatever your situation is, it is always good to understand what single girl problems you may anticipate in the future to prepare yourself better when you are living a single life.

Let’s dive into understanding the problems and I’ll guide you on how to overcome them as a single woman living independently for 5 years.

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My Experience

I’ve been single for a decade now and I’ve been living alone for the past five years I am very much aware of these single girl problems because I’ve got years of experience dealing with them. 

I also run a business and I worked from my home office mostly with team members walking with me virtually most of the time. This freedom that comes with running a business remotely also comes with problems like loneliness and especially when I’m single, I need to deliberately plan my social support and set aside time for socialization.

Nobody wants to come home to an empty house, and especially when you do not have a listening ear to understand how your day has been and show you some love, it can be really difficult.

However, I have been finding ways to cope with my situation and handle them well without being desperate for a date or giving men who don’t deserve a chance to date and hurt myself.

As a single person, it is extremely important to find a support system and when I say support system, it does not mean that you need to have tons of friends but you need to have quality friends that you can rely on when you need to get their support. 

Having friends that live in your city is also important because you will be able to meet them quite often and this would provide you with the human connection that you need.

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Single Girl Problems: My 5 Proven Ways To Effectively Overcome Them

  1. Finance

You’ve got to understand that it may be hard to decide on bigger stuff like buying a house, however, as a single woman, you have more freedom to decide on the lifestyle you want because you only have yourself to support.

However, as a single person, you only have yourself to depend on, and therefore you need to have a back-up in terms of emergency savings. Determine what lifestyle you want, and reduce your monthly commitment.

This is a good reminder that we are responsible for ourselves and not rely on a man to have our finances together.

  1. Emotional Support 

I make new friends and as an introvert, I used to be comfortable with a small circle of friends. However, as friends moved on and got busy with life after settling down, I challenged myself to make new friends.

It is found through research that our friend’s circle changes every 7 years, and therefore, it’s wise to embrace change and find new connections that can support your growth as opposed to sticking to old friendships that are not serving you anymore.

  1. Decisions on Kids

This can be really difficult because not everyone wants to be a single mother by choice because IVF for single women is not accessible or affordable for most women. The decision also comes with a lot of emotional aftermath.

Egg freezing was something I considered when I turned 35 and single still, but unless I become a mother now, I do not want to be freezing it for future use because I may not be sure if I’d be using it. I rather use it now because unused eggs can be a waste of resources.

Adoption for single women is also something single women can look into but the process can be long and tedious. I have considered the option before but it also involves money. 

The bottom line, if your finances are on point, everything is quite possible. As much as I want kids, you may be wondering how to decide if you want kids, and this expert can guide you in deciding if you want to have kids.

  1. Intimate Relationships

As much as celibate dating is good so that we don’t get attached to people, skin hunger is also a real problem. I would suggest embracing sexuality and sacred sensuality in a positive manner like getting massages, going to a Belly dance class, listening to your favorite music, and trying out self-pleasure.

Embracing safe and meaningful casual sex with a safe partner is crucial after you’ve identified what you really want and you’ve understood how to create firm boundaries. Dr. Emily has an excellent guide on how to navigate through the process of identifying if a casual intimate relationship is for you.

  1. Hobbies and Goals

Hobbies and goals are crucial, and the most important relationship that you will have is the one you have with yourself. Therefore, invest in yourself and your own well-being. Identify what fuels your passion and set goals for yourself. 

My passion is blogging and I recently received an email from a reader saying my blog hit home with her and it made my day. 

What are your hobbies and goals? Send me an email and I’ll be happy to hear from you. 

How To Stop Wanting A Relationship?

  • Set a time limit on your dating apps so that you don’t get addicted to it. 
  • Try journaling your emotions and tune in to your intuition.
  • Understand that you need to have a bigger faith that you will be fine alone. 
  • Never settle for less and reduce your standards.

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Why do I struggle with being single?

Single girl problems and single guy problems can be overwhelming because as we age, everyone settles down and our friend’s circle gets smaller. Not having an intimate partner can induce anxiety because we don’t have anyone to depend on. Stereotypes portraying single people as sad, lonely, insecure, and less satisfied can be the reason why we’re sad being single. 

How to enjoy single life as a lady?

It is crucial to identify what makes a single lady happy, what fulfills her, or what piques her curiosity. You should explore new things and ways to fill the void brought about by singleness, although it may not fully replace having a partner. It’s also normal to feel sad about being single occasionally.

How to accept singlehood?

  • Set a realistic dating goals and put yourself out there to date but do not be desperate 
  • Ask yourself what are the goals that you have not achieved and try to prioritize your goals while you are single 
  • Journal your emotions and identify the pros of being single
  • Make new friends and create a healthy support system

How to be ok being single?

  • Identify what you need in order to sustain life and make strategic moves to achieve them
  • Look at how other successful single women are living their lives
  • I do not forget to put yourself out there on dating apps or try to meet people 
  • Find a bigger purpose in life that fuels your passion 
  • Lean into your current friendships and let them support you.
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