What It Means When A Guy Asks If You Are Seeing Anyone Else?

So, a guy asks you if you are seeing anyone else and you are wondering what his intentions are when he asks you that. Is it interested in me? Is he going to propose? What am I gonna answer him?

Do I play it cool? Do I play hard to get

Well, I know how confusing that can be because it can be surprising when someone, especially a guy asks if you are seeing anyone else. But, let’s see what are the ways we can decipher his intentions and what we can do about it.

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My Experience

Throughout my dating experience since 2017, I have had people asking me if I am seeing anyone else. Throughout the pandemic, the only way we all were able to date is to do virtual dating and I mostly get this question a lot on online dating platforms. 

From my experience, it depends on who is asking you this question, and now that I’m typing this out, I can recall a few more other people who have been asking me this question but at the end of the day, they do not have the love intention to pursue me for a long-term relationship.

So many people just ask this question for the sake of asking and actually, they ask this because they just want to mess around with you more because if they know that you’re not seeing anyone else, then they know that they have more opportunity to toy around with your feelings. 

I have a friend of 17 years who is actually interested in me and gets jealous when I talk to someone else but has not actually pursued me for a relationship yet until today. So, liking does not exactly mean that they would give you what you want.

On the other hand, there are people who ask this question because they are genuinely interested in pursuing you for a relationship and they ask you this because they just want to make sure that they are exclusively dating you and also to understand your preference in dating.

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What It Means When A Guy Asks If You Are Seeing Anyone Else?

  1. He Just Wants To Know If You Are Seeing Anyone

When a guy asks you if you are seeing anyone else, it actually just means that he just wants to know if you are seeing anyone else. It may not directly indicate that he already has feelings for you. This actually just depends on who is asking. If a colleague at your workplace is asking and he is probably 15 or 20 years older than you and is already married, probably this is just going to be a general question that he is asking or maybe he has someone on his mind that he wants to introduce to you.

Also, come out if you’re in a social setting, and you meet new people and somehow dating and relationship come into the conversation, if a guy asks you if you are seeing anyone else, it could just be a question that came up due to the context of the conversation that you already have been having earlier on.

Of course, there are instances where the question actually seems very random and subtle. There might be a few people who actually ask this question because they want to know if you are seeing anyone else so that they can decide if they want to call out for a coffee.

Because a lot of times, people actually just want to know a few things about someone before actually deciding if they like them and to understand further about how they feel about this person.

Picture this: you join the new workplace and you meet a new guy who kinda looks cute but you have no idea about him at all. And then, you ask your colleague during lunch break about him and you get to know that he is actually single and he is not seeing anyone else. Then, probably you’re interested in him would spike up.

People actually just want more information before they can get to think more about you and decide what to do with you.

  1. He Likes and Wants To Date You

Now, if you have been working with this person for quite some time, or you have been subtly flouring with this guy on a dating platform and you know for a fact that he kind of likes you, then you definitely know that he wants to date you and when a guy asks if you are seeing anyone else, you can actually almost be sure that he would make the next move in order to ask you out on a date. 

You actually got to know if he has a crush on you yet or not in order to be certain if he’s asking because he already likes you. There are many indirect body language and hints that you can pick up from them to understand that they are asking this question because they already like you.

If a guy already likes you, there are signs he likes you but is playing it cool. He may not be showing it very obviously, especially if you’re at a workplace where professionalism is required to be maintained.

  1. He Is Jealous

When a guy asks you if you are seeing anyone else, it is probably that he is jealous that you are seeing someone else. He may not exactly have the idea of asking you out on a date or even pursuing you for a relationship. There are so many guys out there who are actually not just shy, but they are also not ready for a relationship. 

This is especially true if you have been friends with him for quite some time and he has romantic interests in you which he has not acted upon yet.

He does not also want to lose access to you if you get into a relationship with someone else. That is the reason why he asks you if you’re seeing anyone else come on just to make sure that you are still single and he has this fantasy that you will still be available for him.

Just look around or even walk down memory lane to see how many people you have actually encountered in your life who keep asking you if you are seeing anyone else but also would not actively pursue. I’m sure there are a lot of d***heads like that that have wasted our time and energy and emotions.

How To Know If A Guy Likes Me?

  • He Would Immediately Ask You Out Knowing You Are Single

Why do guys on dating apps want my number immediately? Have you thought about that?

He is invested in getting to know you further and also he wants to ask you out on a date first. This is a clear indication that he has some level of liking towards you. Please bear in mind that just because someone likes you and asks you out on a date, it does not exactly mean that they are fully emotionally available until you get to know them further.

A guy who simply likes you, who may not necessarily actively pursue you for a relationship, will actually ask you if you are seeing anyone else but would not ask you out on a date. 

  • He Would Make Initiatives To Learn More About You 

Is it trying to initiate a conversation with you to learn more about you? This is a sign that someone likes you. 

They would take the initiative to learn more about you of course. However, if you really want to know if they are pursuing you for a relationship, that would be other hallmarks of a relationship that you should be aware of.

He will not simply ask you to hang out. He would clearly label it as a date, he would introduce you to his friends saying that you are his date and not his friend.

Look into a rather read into his words and intentions deeper to understand if he is just initiating conversation to get to know you for the sake of it or if he has a more serious intention behind it.

  • He Would Be Vulnerable and Open With His Emotions

I would definitely say that someone who likes you and likes you in terms of having a romantic interest in you would be vulnerable and open with these emotions. He would share his deepest fears with you. Most importantly, he would also include you and his life to an extent, like sharing what is going on in the workplace, what’s happening at home a little bit, and things like that to actually show that he is a real person with a real life.

However, in the past, I’ve had an experience virtually dating a guy through the pandemic we were on video calls almost every day and actually getting to know each other pretty well but he was having personal issues and was not ready to get into a relationship. 

Some others would actually just want to talk to you and just have someone to talk to in general and these people would also be vulnerable and open with their emotions because emotional dumping is something that they are doing without them knowing it.


I know that it is not easy to identify what it means when a guy asks you if you are seeing anyone else because it could mean a whole lot of different things for different people. 

However, what you need to do is actually dig deeper and get hints from his words his body language and also most importantly come on give it some time in order to understand his intention because it’s not always easy to see what people are up to in their mind because you only get to know people when you give it some time. 

So, in the meantime, do keep the stakes low and keep dating others as well.

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How do you respond to are you seeing anyone?

  • “Yes, I am actively pursuing someone that fits my expectations” – if you’re not interested in the person asking
  • “No, I’m not. But, I’m open to get to know people” – if you like them 😁 
  • “I’m occupied with my work right now and I’m not thinking about it.” 
  • “No, I’m not seeing anyone right now.”

What does it mean if a guy asks you if you like anyone?

It means he wants to know if you’re interested in dating and if you are still single. It could also mean he’s interested in dating you. Oh maybe he is asking this so that he can introduce his friend to you. It depends on who is asking and you will be able to gauge the intention because you know them better.

How do you know if a guy is noticing you?

  • He orbits you on social media .
  • They compliment your choice of clothing.
  • They know your birthday.
  • They are sensitive to your emotions.
  • They try to be close to you to talk to you.

What does are you seeing anyone mean?

It is a way to ask somebody if they are already dating someone. They could ask this to see if you are interested in dating them if you’re not exclusively dating yet. It depends on who is asking and if they actually do not have any romantic interests in you, they could be asking this to probably introduce their friends to you.

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