Relationship Moving Fast But Feels Right: 3 Signs It’s Good & Bad

Relationship moving fast but feels right – you’re now in a relationship and you are wondering if this is good or bad. You begin to feel uncomfortable because things seem to be right and you are wondering if it’s a sign that you should slow things down or if things could turn out to be bad because you are moving too fast. It’s almost like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop in relationships.

Let’s see if fast-moving relationships are bad or if you have missed out on some of the red flags that you should have spotted or if you should take things slow in order to build a steady foundation. 

You may also ask why some of the couples who got together the first week they met and they have been living happily ever after. “Like why can’t I just have one of those fairytale stories”. I get it. 

So let’s see in which scenarios it’s ok to have a fast-moving relationship, and when it is actually detrimental.

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My Experience

Relationship moving fast but feels right was something that I experienced in my last relationship when I was in my early twenties. Things seemed to be really moving fast and I did not have the capacity to think if it was good or bad because I felt that someone wanted me and someone was showing me love and I thought that was all I needed. 

Furthermore, when we involve families and get to know them in the early stages of a relationship, it could all feel and seem real and you do not want to burst the bubble of your fantasy because then it would be too painful to leave a relationship early.

However, when you know you are incompatible with someone and you have not really known them well, relationships moving fast can be extremely dangerous and will lead to heartbreak even before you hit the 1-year anniversary mark.

Why Do People Feel Guilty About Relationships Moving Fast?

Why do you think you are guilty about relationship moving fast but feels right? Because you are afraid of getting hurt all over again because you’ve gotten hurt before in the past and now you are hypervigilant and do not want to get trapped in a toxic relationship all over again.

It also feels guilty because you’re not able to find any red flags and your mind says that you should have spotted a few red flags because that is what all people talk about when it comes to dating advice. 

You can’t believe that finally you are feeling at peace with someone and things are moving fast. When you’re used to chaotic love, things can feel weird when it is peaceful.

You are also wondering if you are a victim of love bombing then ghosting behavior of people.

Is this for real? Or will it fizzle out soon? Am I missing something? You just want to make sure that you’re not over-excited and you want to protect your heart.

Relationship Moving Fast But Feels Right: 3 Signs You Are On The Right Track

  1. You Feel At Calm With This Person

If you are feeling calm with this person, it is a sign that you’re on the right track. You’re not being love-bombed and you are not feeling like you are being chased. There are no highs and lows in your emotions. 

He’s being practical and he seems to be checking off your wish lists effortlessly. Therefore, there’s no room for you to doubt much about a person.

  1. You Are Not Guided By Intense Sexual Chemistry

You don’t get sexual early with this person and he’s also respecting your boundaries, making you feel comfortable and that you can trust him with your emotions.

While the spark and attraction are there, both of you have immense respect for each other.

  1. Your Values and Goals Align

This is ultimately the reason why a relationship can move fast. Because your values and goals align and make things feel very seamless in the get-to-know process.

When you have similar goals and values, you will have fewer disagreements and this makes a relationship peaceful. Understanding each other can also be very much simpler because of the strong basic foundation that you have laid out.

Relationship Moving Fast But Feels Right: 3 Signs You Are On The Wrong Track

  1. You Are Driven By Sparks Alone

If the both of you are driven by sparks alone, it is a sign that the relationship is going to sink down the road. If you are love bombing or you are being love bombed, it is a sign that either one of you is too eager to get into a relationship and is driven by emotions and not logical thinking.

  1. You Sense Red Flags But Brush Them Off

This is another key aspect when a relationship moving fast but feels right for people because they often sense red flags suddenly but brush them off.

This is the reason why intuition coaching is very important because we need to be connected with our gut feelings and intuition in order to stop us from proceeding with detrimental decisions like getting into a relationship with someone that is incompatible with us.

It is things like noticing his credit card debts but falling for his words like “I’m venturing into a new business and soon I’ll get a house” or feeling good when he spends lavishly on you.

  1. You Have Not Known Their Family and Personal Life Yet 

This is especially true for people who just met and have been talking a lot online and have not tried to integrate with one another’s lives. If you have not known their family or their personal lives yet, it is too soon to get into a relationship with them because not knowing them as a whole is a red flag itself.

Have you spent some time in their house? Have you observed enough of the habits? Have you been out on dates where you do different activities and you notice how they behave in public? 

Are they being consistent with their words? How is the family responding to you? It is extremely important to avoid discreet dates with married men, especially those that you meet online.

Is There A Rule For Relationship Timeline?

If you follow Matchmakers Maria, you know that she has a 12-date-rule where it ensures that you do not get physical with someone until you know them well. You can modify this rule to your liking and your preference but make sure that you do not cheat yourself to rush the process of getting to know someone. 

Ultimately it is not even required of you to follow a rule to define a relationship because you should be relying on your intuition more to discern what is good and bad for yourself. This comes with a lot of practice and a lot of mindfulness. The best coach that you can have for your relationship is yourself. 

That is the reason why you see people meeting for the first time and getting married within a month and still having a happy married life.

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Why do I feel like my relationship is moving too fast?

It could indicate that your relationship’s pace is not aligned with both of your thoughts and goals, as you don’t know each other enough. It can also feel so because you have spotted some of the red flags and now you feel uncomfortable about the relationship moving too fast.

Is it a red flag if a guy moves too fast?

It can be a red flag if a guy moves too fast in a relationship without concerning your feelings and opinions. It could be the reason that he is feeling insecure and he does not want to lose you and therefore wants to fast forward the relationship and trap you in it. They can also guilt-trip you.

Can a healthy relationship move fast?

Healthy relationships usually move at ‘the right’ pace. While there are no definitive rules as to how fast a relationship should move, it all boils down to how two people feel about each other and understand each other. With maturity, older couples can decide better when it comes to defining a relationship because they have plenty of experience before that. 

Why does time go by fast when you’re with someone you love?

This probably is because you are in the honeymoon phase and you are enjoying spending time with each other because you might have been single for a long time and the feeling that someone is there for you is giving you the oxytocin hit. It could also mean that both of you enjoy doing activities that you like and therefore you lose track of time.

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