3 Signs God Is Protecting You From A Bad Relationship

Do you want to know the signs god is protecting you from a bad relationship? Call it god, the universe, or the higher power, but when you come across wishy washy guys, your friends would tell you to be grateful and rejection is a redirection.

However, it is not usually something very easy to do given the nature of dating that requires you to tune into your intuition. Sometimes, we do not know if we should give them more opportunity and time or we should call it quits.

Also, a relationship is something that requires patience and forgiveness, and therefore you might be confused if you should try harder and wait around or know for the fact that it is not gonna work and put an end to it.

Here are signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship and that you should not try any harder to make it work.

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My Experience

I spent waaaayyyyy toooo much time trying to make things work even when my friends say these are signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship and dismissive avoidant breakup. 🫣🤦

But, experience is indeed a teacher that molds me into who I am today. Nevertheless, there are times when I have given someone a second chance just because they seemed decent and I ended up getting half-ass effort again. 

I’ve been stuck with a guy who wasn’t emotionally available for more than a year, and I’ve been in more than one situationships that didn’t progress further. 

However, when I reconnected with a guy I had good chemistry with and understanding, I noticed that he still has trauma pertaining to relationships, and guess what, I didn’t try any further, and turned down his invitation to hang out because I knew it’s not going anywhere further.

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Signs God Is Protecting You From A Bad Relationship:

  1. You Try Hard But It’s Not Working

One of the signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship is when you keep trying harder but it is not moving anywhere further. This is especially true if you have been trying to go to the gym to reduce weight, trying to initiate a conversation to understand them better, trying to plan for dates, and you are just not getting any positive response from them.

I love the term “efforting” which was coined by a famous relationship blogger, Natalie Lu. Even if you try harder and you put in a lot of effort in order to make something work, you are not going to get the outcome because a relationship even when you are dating takes effort from two people and not just from you alone.

So, the next time you find yourself calling your friends in the middle of the night to discuss the dilemma that you have in your mind regarding the crush that you really like but is not reciprocating your emotions, you should take these as signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship, and signs god is preparing you for a relationship in the future.

  1. You Keep Getting Hurt When You Hold On

We all have been there – we get hurt multiple times by people that we love and we think that things will get better. What’s worse is the fact that they disrespect us and we get uncomfortable, but we brush them off thinking that they were joking and that we should not take it too seriously.

We all have been there. 

What happens when you get disrespected once, is that you feel mildly uncomfortable. But when it happens again and again, your inner voice gets louder and louder to the extent that it irritates you and you feel disgusted for tolerating bad behavior.

Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me.

You will only get hurt if you allow people to do so. Therefore, if you are feeling very uncomfortable with somebody and the way that they treat you, you should not be keeping peace with them just because you want to salvage the relationship because you are going to suffer in the long run.

  1. You See The Negative Reality Of Them

Another part of crucial signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship is the fact that you keep seeing the negative reality of them.

The reason why it is harder to accept reality is because we have regarded them very highly even before we get to see their reality. 

Do you hear from your friends saying that this guy has a bad reputation on social media? You doubt your friends and you doubt what you hear from them because this guy has been wonderful from your perspective when he is communicating with you. 

So, you brush it off and continue getting to know this person. However, you keep seeing his ugly side surfacing every now and then.

Disrespect, bad histories with ex-girlfriends, alcohol addictions, lies, and manipulation, may all seem superficial to you, but until the signs get obvious you cannot escape from it. 

Take it as a sign that the higher power once something better for you in the future and leave this person immediately.

How To Move On From a Bad Relationship?

  1. Take Time To Grieve 

It is extremely difficult to move from a relationship that you have invested a lot of time and energy in. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take sufficient time in order to grieve and sit with the pain. Do not numb the pain by getting into dating apps and trying to get to know other people. 

You will not be feeling better overnight. Studies show that it takes around 8 weeks minimum to get over a heartbreak. Even then, you will definitely come across difficult emotions surfacing every now and then.

  1. Look For More Ugly Realities Of Them

What I usually do in order to expedite the healing process is actually to soak myself into the reality more by digging into the more ugly realities of them. Maybe when we are getting to know someone, we have not really invested a lot of time and energy in getting to know the person from another person’s perspective.

Background checks are actually very crucial when we are dating, however, due to the laborious process of it, we usually do not ground sex and think that we could rely on our instinct. 

However, when you want to move on fast from a person, when you do background checks and understand who this person that you have been dating all this while, you will understand that there is more than what you knew all the while.

It might hurt to come to terms with the fact of who they are but it is extremely important to shake your beliefs and perspective of this person. You will then come to your senses and break away from the false perspective and cloud adjustment that you had in the past.

  1. Ask Yourself If They Deserve You

After knowing all these about the person that you have been dating, you will start to feel very disgusted about what you attracted when you had clouded judgment. It is a part of healing and usually, you would feel bad for yourself for choosing someone who is not good for you. 

Ask yourself if they deserve you. You have so much more to offer and you are genuine and kind towards them. However, after knowing the reality, ask yourself if you would want to be in a relationship with them. Take note of every reason why you should not be with them and list it down on a piece of paper.

This would serve as a reminder when you find yourself missing them.

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How do you know when God is telling you to leave a relationship?

Whether it is God or you call it the higher power when it is time for you to leave a relationship, you will feel very hurtful and uncomfortable. You will not be at peace because this is what triggers you to leave a relationship. Take this as a physical manifestation of pain that comes from emotional discomfort.

How do you know when God wants you to be with someone?

You have shared life values with someone, and this is one of the crucial pillars of a relationship. When you have similar life goals and a lot of other aspects like daily activities, your attitudes and beliefs align, making it very easy to be in a relationship with someone.

How do you know when God doesn’t want you to be with someone?

If you see red flags or warnings, like disrespect, abuse, betrayal, and other signs that make you feel uncomfortable without them taking responsibility to change, it is a sign you should end things with them.

How do you know when God is telling you to let go?

If there’s a persistent lack of peace, which usually results from lack of communication and understanding between two people, and also the refusal to show changed behavior in the relationship, it is a sign you should let go of the relationship.

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