5 Signs God Wants You To Be Single Forever

Have you been single for a long time that you think is part of signs God wants you to be single forever?

I’m 35 and single and I have been single for more than a decade now so I can truly understand your emotions and sometimes you might be wondering if you are destined to be alone.

Whether or not they are signs from God, the universe, or whatever that you choose to call the higher power, let’s actually dive into the mindset of people who want to be single, and let’s just do some intuition coaching so that you get to ask yourself better questions and answer your questions honestly.

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My Experience – The Mindset of Women; 35 and Single

In the US, the number of single people has been increasing steadily over the last decade.

If you are 35 and single like me, you probably would have made peace with the timeline that you had in mind to settle down by 35. I don’t know about you for me, I thought that the sooner I settled down, the better the chances of having kids. 

So, when I hit 35 and I was still single at the point in time (which was four months back), I immediately switched to the mindset of wanting to just focus on myself and my career because I was not focusing much on career progress because the entire journey of trying to find the right person was draining me emotionally. 

I was even questioning myself, “Are these signs god wants you to be single forever”? But then, because I wanted to be responsible for myself and I wanted to make sure that as an adult I could take care of myself first before even thinking about a partner and kids, I shifted my mindset to be the best version that I could possibly ever be for myself first.

First, love yourself! We truly start to love ourselves first when we let go of the expectations that we initially had towards love and life in general. I have to tell you that as soon as I hit 35, I felt very liberated because I no longer had something that was bothering me in my mind. 

It feels as if nothing can hurt me anymore because the point that I was really afraid of facing has finally arrived I am 35 and I’m single this was the most frightening part to ever think of in the past but I am here now and I am surviving and thriving.

I don’t know if it’s part of the signs God wants you to be single forever, but you start to focus on your goals and everything else that you have abandoned in the past. Let’s just say that you have planned to further your studies and even migrate to some other countries but you have not done any of these thinking that you need to first settle down, when you hit 35, you finally start thinking about pursuing all of these.

You also want to take responsibility towards your finances and your health and therefore start investing and thinking about creating passive income. This could be a sign that you are meant to live a single life and God is showing that you can live a single life and you’re capable of it.

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Is Everyone Meant For Relationships?

So, let’s just look at how society works in today’s era. We are all striving hard to get a stable job and build our careers first before we even think about building a family. The family unit was very crucial in the past because men and women were more dependent on each other. However, money is not something that women are looking for in a relationship and therefore women are more sustainable when it comes to living a single life.

So many women in history have dedicated their lives to whatever they were passionate about. Women in history, women in science, and women in literature. We’ve had so many women creating social impact and caring for the world at a large scale.

They had a bigger purpose than just starting a family and just looking after their own family. This actually goes to show that women can achieve much more in life than just having a family. It can also be extremely fulfilling to follow a calling that is very dear to our hearts. 

Therefore, relationships may not be something for everyone because our life purpose and ethos can be very different from one another. If you look at successful men and men who are extremely career-driven, it would be really difficult for them to juggle between family life and career. 

Therefore, we first need to understand that not everyone craves a relationship. It is okay to be single if it is part of signs God wants you to be single forever.

How To Compensate Benefits You Get In A Relationship When Being Single?

  1. Family and Friends For Support

So, family and friends can be a great source of support emotionally when you need someone to be there for you. Friends can come and go because maybe friends can get busy when they have family and kids. So, if you’re not picky and you’re good at making new friends, you can always have people to rely on and support each other when you need each other.

Furthermore, nothing can match the support from family members be it your siblings, your parents, or your cousins. They have no new well and they are the first people that you come in touch with in life.

  1. Hobbies/Activity Groups

Hobbies and activity groups are really important not just for single people but also for people who are in a relationship because it keeps you really active and you would not be reliant on your partner for everything that you do in life.

If you need to speak about something really specific let’s say yoga, and if your partner does not do yoga, you would need friends and support from activity group members to talk about something that you are passionate about.

  1. Living With Friends

It can be extremely hard to live alone as a single person but it does not have to be that way. You can always live with friends who are also single and you can think about co-living. There are so many businesses surrounding this concept where you can rent a room in an apartment and live with other single people if you do not want to be alone.

  1. No-String-Attached Relationships

Is situationship good? Well, if you ever come across people who are genuinely nice to you and you both click but you tend to not want to commit to a relationship for now, a no-string-attached relationship would be good to fulfill your needs physically and also emotionally. Skin hunger is an issue that affects a lot of people, especially single people psychologically.

  1. More Time To Work On Finances 

When you’re single, you only have yourself to rely on and therefore you have to focus on your finances. But the good news is, you have more time to work on your finances because you do not have kids and a partner to spend time with and focus on. Therefore, you have more opportunity in terms of time to think about your finances and also you just have yourself to cover and not an entire family so the burden is lesser.

5 Signs God Wants You To Be Single Forever

  1. You Have Bigger Missions In Life

If you ever aspired to achieve something big like founding a business legacy and focusing on non-profit organization by involving in charity works, you probably are not going to settle down as this is not your priority in life. This is one of the signs God wants you to be single forever because you have a mission that is bigger than just having a family.

  1. You Are Asexual

Not every single person on this planet has sexual desires and needs for their sexual desires to be fulfilled. If you are an asexual person and you do not think about sex in life and still could carry on life without having sexual frustration, this could be a sign that you can live comfortably as a single person.

When relationships are involved, usually physical intimacy is involved. Therefore if you are asexual, this could be one of the signs that God wants you to be single forever.

  1. You Want Freedom

Having kids and family means that you have less time for yourself and you would also be spending more money on your kids and family. Let’s just say that you love to travel and you love the freedom that comes with it. If you have kids and a partner it is not going to be very convenient to travel and even if you do, it would take a little bit more effort than single people would take to travel.

If freedom is the ultimate priority in life, you may be well set for a single life for the rest of your life.

  1. You Are Devoted To Taking Care of Parents

Let’s talk about caring for old parents. If you have old parents who do not have anybody else to rely on, and you take pride in looking after them, it is not going to be easy to find somebody who’s gonna understand this fully. 

If taking care of your old parents makes you happy and fulfilled in life, this could be a part of the signs God wants you to be single forever.

  1. You Are Choosing To Be Single-Mom-By-Choice

I’m sure this concept is not new to you, and if you have ever thought about becoming a single mom by choice, which is to get pregnant through donor sperm cells, you may not be thinking about relationships. A lot of women are becoming single moms by choice because they just want to become a mother in life and they cannot wait too long to find the right partner before they can get pregnant.

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