3 Ways Intuition Coaching For Relationship Can Help You

What is intuition coaching for relationships? Are you looking for a relationship coach at this point? Are you having a difficult time listening to your intuition?

Do you go to your friends for advice asking “should women pursue men“?, or wondering why do guys like situationships?

You are your best intuition coach, and any advice that is coming from external experts me not necessarily relate to you best. This is because the thoughts that we have in our minds are very complex and the way we feel, and why we feel the way we feel, are all very complex and sometimes cannot be put into words properly.

Nevertheless, a lot of us have trouble tuning in to our intuition and we do rely on experts to provide us some guidance on how to make decisions on our own in the future. 

So, if you choose to have an intuition coaching session with an expert, what are the things that you should take note of so that you do not end up losing your own voice and feeling uncomfortable during the therapy session?

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My Experience

I have always believed that we are our best coaches. Our intuition is the best source to obtain answers to things that we can’t quite put into words and explain to others. Call it gut feeling, call it intuition – it is there for a purpose and it’s a skill to learn how to seek quietly and listen to our intuition so that we are guided by this subtle power within us that we don’t usually pay attention to. 

I attended therapy in 2022, not exactly for intuition coaching, but it was for relationship-related coaching that I took online. My coach, Andrea Perry, was starting out her business, and it was a pleasure to connect with her online. 

While the session was quite emotionally taxing because we did uncover certain childhood traumas and try to work on them, never did I feel that my own voice was silenced. I learned how to trust my gut feelings better from that session because whatever I knew deep down was what my coach would eventually tell me to do. 

As TheLoveDrive on Instagram said in one of his recent IG stories: you first build courage to go on dates with people even if it scares you and you’re unsure. Then, you will gain experience and finally, you will have the confidence to date or to even make decisions pertaining to any dating aspect.

We try to see external validation from people because we doubt our gut feelings. Therefore, if you find yourself always seeking the advice of others in life, you should stop reaching out to people compulsively for advice and try to listen to your intuition. It does not matter if you do something right or wrong. We all learn from mistakes and mistakes will make our gut feeling stronger.

When I was in therapy, I saw a lot of other coaches trying to rope their clients into subsequent programs and keep them hooked on the sessions for their benefit.

So, what are the best ways intuition coaching for relationships can help you and what are the toxic traits of coaches that you should beware of?

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3 Ways Best Intuition Coaching For Relationships Can Help You:

  1. The Best Coach Helps To Develop Your Self-Awareness

One thing that intuition coaching should help you is to develop your awareness about your thoughts and feelings. I started to journal a lot every day on my thoughts and generally how I felt throughout the day what triggered that mood, what triggered good moves, and what I did to shift my mood from that good as well as what activities helped to initiate the shift.

A good coach will help you to tap into your awareness help you to listen more to your feelings and guide you to decipher your feelings. 

This could range from simple activities like meditation and walking, which can help your mind to slow down and be in the moment so that you can listen to your own gut feelings.

Apart from this, different coaches will have different methods to help you become more self-aware. However, a good coach will always check in with you to see if the tools that they positively provide help you.

  1. The Best Coach Practices Active Listening

One of the good traits of the best coaches out there for relationships is the ability to actively listen to the clients. Therefore, coaches read not just your verbalized opinions, but also your body language, the way your facial expressions change when you are talking to them, and other active listening skills that they have learned during their journey to becoming a coach.

In other words, a good coach will not cut your speech halfway through. A good coach will ask a lot of questions that help them gauge your mental health and probe you to get the right information so that they can help you accurately.

  1. The Best Coach Helps You To Trust and Validate Intuition

Probably during the first few days of your coaching session with an expert, you may not be able to listen to your intuition yet. Therefore, a good coach will come up with a lot of tools and exercises for you to carry out in the process of learning how to tune into yourself and your intuition. 

However, when it comes to making important decisions related to your life, an intuition coaching session will have to give you a few options in the beginning and let you choose what is good for you or even pick an option that they think would work best for you, but always check in with you to see if you are comfortable in carrying out the task.

Essentially, a good coach will help to validate your intuition because, let’s face the reality, a lot of us actually have difficulties believing our intuition. And therefore, we always seek external validation to tell us that what we think and feel is indeed right. This is exactly where we all need help with full stop whereby, we want to be able to have the confidence to know that what we feel is true and our decisions are the correct ones for us.

How To Notice Bad Relationship Coaches:

  1. The Decide What You Should Do

So, an immediate red flag is when you notice a coach deciding what you should do when it comes to making a big decision. Let’s say you have a marital issue with your spouse and the goal is actually to process your emotions and also be more confident in making your own decisions.

While a good coach can help you to process your emotions and let you know what the exercises involved to tune into your gut feelings, they should not ultimately handhold you, and decide if you should go for a divorce or not. 

This goes for all other forms of relationships no matter if you are married or not, when it comes to intuition coaching, the goal is always to help clients strengthen their confidence about what they feel.

  1. They Rope You In Their Subsequent Programs

One of the reasons why bad coaches do not let you make your own decision is because they want you to be hooped on to the programs and also be dependent on them so that they have repeat purchases from you. 

If you continuously see your coach upselling their programs and you feel that they are not letting you make your own decision and if they’re being intrusive in wanting to know everything that is going on in your life, it is definitely a red flag and it shows that they are capitalizing on your problems. 

Remember, not everyone is your friend. This goes to life coaches out there as well. When we are at the lowest point in our lives, that is when a lot of people take advantage of our vulnerabilities.

  1. They Do Not Check On How You Are Coping With The Advice Given

When I was going through my coaching session with my coach, I was given a very hard task to do, and after a few days of doing it, I felt really really uncomfortable to the extent that I hated the lowest point of my mental health and I was not able to cope anymore. 

However, my coach checked on me and asked how I was coping with the entire session. When I said that I was having a lot of trouble carrying out the activities given, she immediately understood that I was not prepared yet mentally to carry out the task. So, for a lot of people, it is not going to be a change that they could see overnight. It may take a lot of time for someone to be mentally prepared to do something that a coach suggested.

A bad coach will force change to happen because they want evidence of the coaching program to show to the world.

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How to develop intuition?

How to Develop Your Intuition: 2 Things to Try

  • Practice journaling and write down why you feel the way you feel – assess a situation over and see if your intuition is right
  • Stop reaching out for advice when you’re desperate for advice – sit with yourself and ask yourself what you do, ask for guidance from within. Talk to yourself like you would to a friend

Is intuition a real skill?

Processing subtle information and listening to it is a skill we all can learn through meditation and trusting our own decisions no matter if it’s right or wrong. 

Is being intuitive a talent?

Everyone is intuitive, it’s whether people tune in to their intuition or not. It’s usually the “I knew it” moments that will make people realize that they are intuitive. It’s not a talent on its own, but learning how to rely on it is a talent and skill to be mastered.

How do I know if I’m intuitive?

An intuitive person observes a lot and processes information thoroughly. For example, when they see someone new, they might feel that the person does not have a good vibe or they might feel uncomfortable. They proceed with caution when befriending them, and see if their intuition is right or wrong based on how the relationship develops. They then use this outcome to tweak their intuition to give them more accurate information in the future.

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