He Gave Me His Number Is He Interested? A Simple No!

He gave me his number is he interested? So, you were googling this and you landed on this page to know if the guy that gave you his number is actually interested in you or not.

I know that when a guy gives you his number you would be excited to know if he is interested, as in romantically interested in you. But, you also do not want to overestimate things and you just want to be on the safe side by knowing his intention before you make any more.

So let’s actually see what happens when a guy gives you his number and what could be on his mind.

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My Experience

Since I’ve been on dating apps for a few years now, I have seen many guys who have asked for my number and I’ve also seen people who have abruptly left their number in the message, expecting me to text them. 

Can you imagine, if you’ve just matched with this guy, and he would say “Hey hi, it is good to match with you. I am not on this app frequently, and therefore you can reach me on WhatsApp at xyz”.

So have I ever reached out to them? Obviously no. If a guy is invested in getting to know you, he would initiate conversations and get to know you on the app first before actually asking for your number and never leaving his number in order to get you to text him first.

This is because if a guy is invested enough to get to know you, he would be available on the app and make time for it, in order to get to know you a little bit and then have the guts to actually ask for your number and text you first.

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He Gave Me His Number Is He Interested? 

  1. He Lacks Confidence

He may like you but he likes confidence. A guy who is interested in you and has the guts to ask for your number would actually make it explicitly clear that he is interested in getting to know you and therefore he is asking for your number. 

When he does that, you would not be guessing if he has feelings for you and wants to get to know you romantically. 

When he doesn’t, you will be wondering is he shy or not interested.

  1. He Would Have Asked For Your Number Instead 

Why do guys on dating apps want your number immediately? Have you ever thought about that?

I know that they would say that it is not convenient for them to talk on the apps because the apps lack a lot of features and they are not always on the apps and so many other reasons why they would pester your number immediately the moment they matched with you.

There’s also the lack of patience for them to invest time in getting to know you slowly through the app. They just want to fast-forward things and probably the one something casual and they want it fast.

I’m not saying that asking for your number is the wrong thing, but you have to make sure that the guy is patient enough to get to know you and also it is the right thing for the guy who is interested in you to ask for your number instead of leaving you his number.

So, if you think that both of you have had a good conversation for a bit, maybe for a couple of days at least and you decide that it is okay for him to reach out to you, you can then give him your number.

  1. Why Must You Text Him First If He Is The One Interested In You? 

He gave me his number is he interested?

Why would you ever think that a guy who gives you his number is interested in you? If he’s the one who’s interested in you, he will make it clear to you that he is interested in you. If you are still wondering why he left you his number, this goes to show that you are clueless if he likes you, like likes you in terms of having a romantic interest in you.

It actually goes to show that he has not explicitly made it known to you that he is romantically interested in you. Therefore, I do not see any reason for you to actually text him first.

Doesn’t it sound a bit stupid? For someone to abruptly give you their number without letting you know that they are interested in you.

What Would A Guy Who Is Really Interested In You Do?

  1. Clearly Let You Know He Is Interested In You

If a guy is really interested in you, he would actually make it known very clearly to you that he is interested in getting to know you. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to ask for your number, but he would at least ask you if you are interested in getting to know him and also let you know his intention to get to know you and ask your permission for it.

He may also ask you how to best be in touch with you to get to know you, whether it is going to be through social media, or if it is going to be through phone communication.

  1. Ask For Your Number

Like I mentioned before, if a guy is interested in you he would actually ask for your number and you wouldn’t have to actually text him first. 

This goes to show that a guy who is interested in you is courageous enough to admit that he likes you and also he would make the move first to ask for your number. 

I’m not even saying that only guys should be making the first move here, but if he is interested and wants to make that known to you, he would be making the move first.

  1. Make The Initiative and Pursue You

Guys who are genuinely interested in getting to know women would take the initiative to pursue the woman, like being consistently in touch with her and trying to get to know her better in terms of what she does in her life and what she likes, what she doesn’t like and things like that.

You would receive flowers unexpectedly and they would also always be in touch with you to try to impress you and ask you out for a date.

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Does a guy like you if he gives you his number?

It is hard to assume if a guy gives you his number he is interested in you or likes you because without him explicitly showing that he likes you or even confessing that he likes you, it is hard to decipher why a guy would like you by just giving you his number, and this is especially true in a professional setting or even if you are at school, where it is hard to gauge their intentions.

What to text a guy when he gives you his number?

How to Text a Guy First

  1. “Hey, you asked me to text you. So, here I am…”
  2. “Hey, hi, it’s [your name] here”
  3. “Hey, sorry for the late response. This is me [your name]. Save it.”

Do guys like it when you give them your number?

Most men love it because when women make the first move, it shows that they are confident enough in order to talk to them. Therefore, men would be very much interested in courageous women and this also makes it easy for men to actually pursue women who are more open in getting to know them. 

Will a guy ask for your number if he likes you?

No, not always. Shy guys may find it hard to actually ask for your number even if they are interested in you. Therefore, give them some time and try to talk to them casually first like a good friend so that they get comfortable with you and then you can expect them to make the first move and ask for your number. 

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