Why Guy Lied About His Age On Dating App and How To Spot Them?

So, a guy lied about his age on dating app and you are wondering why they do that and how to spot them earlier on to avoid disappointments? 

You’re not alone because I am writing this blog post after coming across a guy lied about his age on dating app! As frustrating as it can be, and maybe it could even stop you from being on dating apps, I will guide you on what you should do when you come across liars on dating apps and help me understand a little bit about why this even happens and their psychology a little bit.

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My Experience

So, if I remember correctly, I have come across guys who have lied about their age at least twice online. I’m sure I have come across more than two guys who falsified their age on dating apps but I think these two guys are the ones that stay in my memories because of how weird the conversation turned out. 

So, the first guy was from Facebook dating and it was still amidst the pandemic when I came across him. There was not much information about him on the app itself and if I remember correctly, he only uploaded one of his pictures and he seemed to be very discreet and secretive.

So, the one thing that he kept insisting on was to get my number (I used to wonder why do guys on dating apps want your number) and also to have a face-to-face conversation as soon as possible. I declined politely and I explained that I would like to have a bit of a conversation first at least through the phone call to do a quick vibe check.

And during the phone conversation, he admitted that he was in his mid-40s and he did not want to state his real age fearing that Facebook and Meta would collect his personal data 🙄🙄🙄.

The second ridiculous experience that I have come across is today, June 2nd, 2024, where a guy got butt hurt and he couldn’t accept the fact that I don’t date someone who is more than 9 years older than me. You can see the conversation in the snapshot above. 

As annoying as it can be, I reminded myself not to be discouraged by guys like this and not let this incident impact my mood and my day in general. Honestly, this is how dating fatigue happens we get discouraged when we come across idiots online.

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Why Guy Lied About His Age On Dating App?

So, the next time you find out a guy lied about his age on dating app, I want you to remember that they actually demean you to make themselves feel superior and better about themselves. 

  1. They Want To Match With Younger Girls

They are very insecure people and they just want to test the market to see if they still could get younger girls. They precisely do this because they actually know younger girls would not have their age preference wider to include men in the mid and late 40s.

Another reason why they do not disclose their age earlier is because they want to trap you emotionally so that you would feel bad about rejecting them.

  1. They Rate Themselves As A 10

Men who lie about their age actually rate themselves as a 10 and think that they deserve younger and more beautiful women because they feel insecure about dating women their age. This mostly happens with wealthy and affluent guys who think that they have money and therefore deserve younger women.

However, in reality, if you look at guys who lie about their age, usually they are not that good-looking, or maybe they have some sort of insecurity like being fat, bald or even short, that they start thinking that women will not want them. 

In order to hide their insecurities, they often speak boldly and they appear more confident because they want to hide their insecurities. Older women will not fall for this trap but it is much easier to trap younger women, especially women who are still not sure what they want and women who respect the opinions of all the men.

  1. They Actually Know Younger Girls Won’t Want Them

“Guy lied about his age on dating app and I feel bad about being on the apps”!

Before you start feeling that people on dating apps are not genuine and it is not a safe place to be, understand the fact that guys who lie about their age and also their height, know that younger girls won’t want them.

A confident older man will know that he doesn’t have to lie about his age in order to attract the right woman into his life. And this doesn’t matter if the woman is much younger or not. Guys who tend to lie about their age actually know deep inside their hearts that younger girls would not want them.

How To Spot Wishy-Washy Guys Who Are Liars?

If you think of it, actually there are common traits liars share. This is especially true if you’ve come across a guy lied about his age on a dating app.

  1. Only One or Two Photos in The Bio

They actually look much older than the age they declared on the dating apps. When you look at the profile, you would instinctively know that they look much older but you probably wanted to give the benefit of the doubt because you don’t want to judge people by their looks. 

However, you will only come across a couple of photos and nothing much on their profile. This is because their recent pictures can reveal their age and therefore they do not upload a lot of photos on dating apps.

  1. They Love-Bomb You

They may resort to love bombing then ghosting you. They do this to get your attention and if you are comfortable with them, their age would not matter. This is why they try to bait your attention first so that they can psyche you into thinking that age is just a number.

  1. They Prefer Discreet Dates

I hate to break this to you but probably guys who are lying about their age can be lying about their marital status as well. They also prefer discreet dates because they know that having dates this way, is going to keep their personal information safe and secure. This could also be the reason why they are not disclosing a lot of personal information to you.

You actually would feel uncomfortable talking to liars on dating apps because you somehow feel that something is off and if you have done intuition coaching to strengthen your gut feelings, and leaning to your own experiences, you will feel confident about identifying lies on dating apps.

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What if someone lied about their age on a dating app?

If someone lies about their age on dating apps, you pretty much cannot do anything about it because it is not a crime to lie about age on dating apps, but it could be violating the Terms of Service of dating apps. If you are aware of the terms and conditions of apps like Tinder and Bumble, they actually do not condone behaviors that are sexually exploitative. What you can do about it is to try reporting these individuals on the app itself so that they can look into it and decide how to make the app even better.

Is lying about age a red flag?

It is an absolute red flag when someone is lying about their age on dating apps because this could eventually lead to more lies in the future and you could end up doubting them even more because if they could lie about something that’s very important and something that should be straightforward like age, they could be lying about their marital status and so many other things down the road.

How many men lie about their age on dating apps?

According to a study conducted to understand the nature of dating apps and their users, it was revealed that about 28 to 35% of users light about their age and you should also want to know that about 20% of the men are already in monogamous relationships but still using the apps.

Do men lie about their age online?

Men lie about their age online because they think that they could attract younger women and they know for a fact that probably younger women will not have their age preference too wide to include them in the age bracket in a way that the app will show them to younger women. Therefore in order to appear in the deck of cards of younger women, old men think that they need to falsify their age.

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