5 Questions To Ask Your Inner Child To Manifest Love

Have you ever wondered what questions to ask your inner child to manifest the love and relationship that you deserve in life?

Are you afraid of dating someone wrong to the extent that you reject people easily and dismiss people because you feel getting hurt and you fear putting in your energy into getting to know a stranger, only to be met by disappointments?

Were you lonely as a kid in school? Were you not the favorite kid among your siblings?

A lot of our childhood experiences shape who we are as adults, and these can impact our relationships as well.

So, how can you stop repeating patterns that are not serving you right heal your inner child, and talk to yourself like you would to someone you love in order to make better decisions?

Red flags and green flags in relationships are easy to identify but those yellow flags are the most confusing ones. I use these affirmation cards to help me stay grounded when dating. First, love yourself enough and you’ll gain a sense of clarity on who you should ditch when dating.

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My Experience

Questions to ask your inner child were something I changed during my therapy session two years ago. I noticed that a lot of my thought patterns and fears were deeply rooted in the experiences that I’ve gathered in the past. 

Although I do not struggle with my career, relationships were something that I struggled with and I generally have been the lonely kid in school I did not have a lot of friends, although the friends that I made came a long way and some of them are in my life close to 20 years.

So, why did I struggle with my past relationships although I had good control of my life in other aspects of life?

After my difficult breakup, I had to take a lot of time to heal, and by the time I came back to the dating scene, I had to start all over again I have to also say that I did not date a lot in the past and therefore lack the experience of dating good men.

It also took a lot of time for me to hone my intuition and gather the strength back to be vulnerable with people and put my energy into dating because we all know that this has got a lot to do with emotions and we all lose our patience at times.

I have to recalibrate myself every time I go through something hurtful when I’m dating even though it has been a few years now since I started dating again.

5 Questions To Ask Your Inner Child To Manifest Love 

I meditate in the morning as soon as I get up by dissolving a handful of meditation rock salt under the running tap water as I say my affirmations aloud, and these melting waxes help to create a nice environment. I also put on nice meditative music to help me get into a calm state of mind.

  1. Am I Chasing Love?

This is a mistake that a lot of us have made. So the first of the many questions to ask your inner child to manifest love is to identify if you are chasing love. 

“Am I chasing love?”

Think of the guy who is not reciprocating your love (because love is reciprocal, even in the dating phase). The next time you reach your phone to text him, ask yourself if you are chasing his love. Are you wondering if you should double-text a guy? Is this coming from a place of anxiousness or are you happily just texting him and it is not going to bother you if you do not hear from him immediately?

  1. Do I Need Attention Externally? 

Do I need attention externally, from people who barely know me? 

Am I just settling for breadcrumbs just because I do not have the opportunity to feast on a full meal yet? 

In short, are you actually desperate for attention that you do not mind having situation ships and just about anyone who gives you a little bit of attention just to keep you around and possibly toy with your emotions every now and then? 

We all have been there. I have also made the same mistake of trying to get the attention of men that I liked and although I was deeply unsatisfied with what I was receiving, I was thinking that I would just take what is available to me right now.

  1. Are You Afraid Of Strangers?

This is something really crucial because this is one of the questions to ask your inner child to see if you have blocks in your intuition guiding you to genuine people. 

What happens when you bump into people who hurt you? You will definitely think twice about dating again. Your intuition now tells you that you should not be entertaining people who do not know you well. You will then end up questioning people a lot and not going on dates.

I struggle a lot in this face because even after so many years of dating, I still struggle with who I should give my energy to and how to spot liars immediately. 

However, you should ask yourself if you feel good about someone when you are texting them or even asking questions like “What are you looking for here on this app”?

If you don’t seem to be getting direct answers and if they seem to be we should wash you guys, you should proceed with caution and ask more questions to identify their intention first. 

In some cases, if let’s say you are not able to identify things clearly, you can tell yourself that it is safe to go on a date that you will be just fine, and that you know how to take care of yourself. Remember, even if you make mistakes, this is going to guide you better to tune into your intuition better.

  1. Am I Forcing Love To Happen Immediately?

Again, this is also one of the crucial questions to ask your inner child to manifest love. I know that a lot of you have wasted a few weeks or even months on the wrong person and you just do not want to go through the same process again. It is extremely painful to be spending a few months with someone and not have the relationship going anywhere substantial. 

This would make you rush all relationships in the future because you would want to just know the answer immediately. Ask yourself, am I forcing love to happen immediately?

Are you not trusting yourself to explore things with someone? Are you afraid of getting cheated again? Are you afraid of falling love with someone too fast again? 

You only need to be afraid if you do not have control over your feelings for someone. If you practice discernment, you should not be afraid of dating and taking things slow.

  1. Am I Expecting My Partner To Take The Role of My Parents?

I know that a lot of us have been living alone as a single person, and sometimes it’s the inner child that is hurt, that is expecting love and care just like how it used to receive love and care from its parents. 

Are you yearning for your parents’ love? Have you been deprived of love in your childhood? Also, thinking from the other angle, are you actually expecting a partner to take over the role of your parent? Cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes? Sounds familiar?

Well, it is important to understand the intention of getting into a relationship when you are looking for a partner because a partner is not going to take over the role of our parents. So, we have to fill ourselves with love first. 

First, love yourself.

How To Heal Your Inner Child To Manifest Love?

  1. I Am Trusting My Intuitions 

“I am trusting my intuitions and I am making decisions based on the best of my knowledge at this point in time. I fully own all my mistakes and I am using my mistakes to hold my intuition better.”

Nobody knows who your partner is going to be and there is no shortcut in identifying who your partner is. Only you know what is best for you and therefore listening to your intuition is extremely crucial.

  1. I Am Opening Myself To The Possibility of Love

I am stepping into the abundance mindset and I am opening myself up to the possibility of receiving love from the universe. I am emotionally and mentally safe and I am being vulnerable with my potential partner to form genuine connections.

If you think that all men are the same and people are going to hurt you, you are going to limit yourself from receiving love. If you think from an abundance perspective, you will understand that you can attract love from any corner of the world and good people are all around the world.

  1. I Am Attracting and Giving Safe Love

I am attracting and giving safe love. I trust that my partner is behaving in a manner that makes me feel safe, loved, and wanted.

Safety and the fear of getting hurt are basically what keep people from finding love because they do not want to get their minds and hearts played again. 

Trust that you are attracting someone safe that makes you feel calm when you are with them. This will eventually lead to people who are good for you.

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What questions can I ask my inner child?

Questions to ask your inner child to manifest love:

  • Am I Chasing Love?
  • Am I Forcing Love To Happen Immediately
  • Am I Expecting My Partner To Take The Role of My Parents?

How do I talk to my inner child?

Words of Affirmation can help soothe your inner child:

  • I Am Trusting My Intuition.
  • I Am Opening Myself To The Possibility of Love.
  • I Am Attracting and Giving Safe Love.

How do I know what my inner child needs?

  • Pay attention to your emotions. When you feel upset, frustrated, or in pain, take note of your surroundings.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Surround yourself with supportive caregivers.
  • Consider inner child therapy.
  • Reflect on your childhood experiences from a new perspective.
  • Engage in conversations with your loved ones.
  • Reconnect with the joy of play.

What are the 5 inner child wounds?

The common wounds are rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice. When your inner child wounds are not healed, you will find it very difficult to connect with others and also open yourself to receive love from others. Identifying where your inner child wounds come from and then healing them well make you more confident in trusting your own gut feelings.

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