3 Interesting Guys Texting Habits You Need To Know

Are you wondering what guys texting habits are? Is he shy or not interested? Not sure if a guy is into you or if you should give him space and time to connect with you? 

Or are you just not sure if you are having text incompatibility with him and you should stop seeing this person? 

Let’s unravel some of the guys texting habits you should be aware of so that you don’t waste time with the wrong guy or end things abruptly with people you’re getting to know thinking they are not that into you.

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My Experience

If you are new to dating and you have not extensively texted guys before, it can be a little bit confusing to decipher what texting pattern means in different scenarios. This is especially true because if you are dating someone, you cannot be asking for feedback from your friends about what something means each time a guy texts you.

However, I think we all start somewhere and we all learn along the way and it could take some time before you are fully able to lean into your gut feelings and decipher what a guy is thinking when he is texting you.

In the beginning, I used to text my friends a lot to ask what a guy was possibly feeling about me when I was getting to know them through texts. 

After many years of dating, I could finally conclude that: 

  1. A guy who’s truly into you would make the effort to let you feel he’s into you. It may not be frequent texting, but you know from his other behaviors like planning dates, introducing you to his family, and phone calls, that may reassure you that he’s genuine. 
  2. If you’re not sure where you stand in someone’s life, just ask. Tell them your texting preferences and see if they are willing to meet you in the middle. If they make empty promises and you don’t see it going anywhere, this person is not for you.

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Guys Texting Habits You Need To Know

  1. They May Not Be Very Lovey Dovey Via Texts

One of the main guys texting habits that you need to know is the fact that they may not be very lovey-dovey via text. And when I say lovey-dovey, usually a guy who is invested in his job and is busy would not text you like an 18-year-old would, who has nothing much to do and is very much infatuated with you.

Most men that I have come across are not good at emojis and they don’t love-bomb you if they are genuine. This is also because they do not want to come across as needy and attention-seeking.

A guy who is grounded and is very serious about finding a long-term relationship would be slow and steady in seeking the love of his life and may not want to invest in getting to know you through texts a lot. 

On the other hand, they would be interested in making plans with you and taking you out on an actual dinner date.

  1. They Make The Move If It Matters

If you are wondering if this guy is shy or not interested, then probably this guy is not really what you’re looking for. Sure, he could be shy and you could try to make him comfortable by initiating conversations and showing him that you are interested in getting to know him. 

However, eventually if they would like to pursue you, they would make the move if it matters to them. You wouldn’t need to constantly initiate conversation in the morning because a person who is interested in you would reciprocate the effort and you would know from the changes in his behavior. 

Guys texting habits in this case would include sending you good morning texts or even letting you know if he’s having a busy day although he’s not able to text you all day long. It is the intention and consistency that matters when it comes to engaging someone’s love intention.

  1. They Text To Ask You Out Eventually

Another crucial guys texting habits that you should be aware of is the fact that they look at taxing as a way to make plans with you. A lot of guys prefer phone calls as opposed to texting because this would give them a better opportunity to get to know you. Furthermore, they also text you to bring you out on dates and therefore they think that the texting frequency doesn’t matter because they are eventually connecting with you in real life.

Myths About Texting Habits

  1. You Can’t Gauge Much From Texting

One of the myths about texting habits is that you can’t gauge personality or behavior from texting. It is a fact that you can gauge a few things about people from the way they text. People mean what they say and most of the time they also are conscious about what they text. 

Texting is still a way of communication and if let’s say you’re asking a person for clarity about what they feel for you and beating around the bush, that shows that they are being dishonest (wishy-washy guys do this).

People emphasize a lot on body language and in-person communication but they forget that communicating with others means a lot. If you make phone calls and text the right way and you ask the right questions, you will be able to observe a lot of things about people even if it is through texts.

  1. Emojis Convey Definite Messages

The use of emojis can express interests and desires to connect with people. I have contributed my thoughts on flirty emojis and their usage for a Best Online article. 

These are subtle messages that may not be very direct but they could still have a very definite meaning if people are smart enough to gauge the meaning of these emojis.

For example, people associate the face-palm emoji with frustration and anger. This is universally accepted and understood.

  1. Texts Aren’t Important

In dating, a lot of people and dating gurus would say that texts aren’t really important as much as the quality time that you spend with them in person. However, after many years of dating experience as an introvert and after dating through the pandemic where we video calls and text messages as well as dating apps being the primary mode of dating, I would say that texts are important.

How many others have the time luxury to go out and meet people every time we swipe right on them? We would want to connect with them through text and video calls first to gauge if we like them enough to go out on a date with them.

Should You Judge Someone Based On Texting Habits?

One thing you need to remember is that if let’s say you noticed a behavior that is not fulfilling your needs, you should clarify it. A lot of people would say that we should not judge a guy because guys texting habits may vary. It’s good to give the benefit of the doubt. 

However, if you do not see a change in behavior after some time you have expressed your concern to them, and if they continue to be dry texting all the time, it could be an indication that they are not interested in you.

So, texting habits can be one of the aspects that you take into consideration before you judge someone alongside other aspects like whether they are making an effort to meet you in person.

Guys texting habits surely give you an indication if they are interested enough in you or not.

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How do guys text if they like you?

If a guy likes you even if he does not admit that to you, he would make up excuses to text you and he would text you first almost every day without your initiating conversation. He would also be randomly asking you a lot of questions in order to get to know you and stay connected with you. However, you should remember that just because a guy texts you, it does not mean that they have good intentions towards you. They probably just want your company and nothing more than that.

How often should an interested guy text?

About 3 to 5 messages a day would indicate if a guy is somewhat interested in you. A guy who’s texting randomly in a day even when he is having a busy day indicates that he is interested in you. Simple things like checking on you if you have had your lunch show that you crossed his mind during lunch hour.

Are guys supposed to text you everyday?

In the early phase of dating, texting habits can be hard to predict. This is because people are still getting to know you and they may think that they shouldn’t be too invested in you.

However, if interest is developing, what you can expect is around 1 to 3 texts every day.

How do guys text when they don’t like you?

If he is not initiating conversation and he is providing non-committal responses and is not asking questions related to your life, this may be an indication that they don’t really like you.

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