iOS & Android Secret Dating App Icon: Easy 5 Privacy Use

Are you looking for an Android secret dating app icon? Are you on dating apps and want to make sure that people do not actually see the dating app icons on your Android mobile phone because they invade your privacy? Do you need help to ensure that your dating life’s privacy is intact?

A lot of people, not just those who are abusing dating apps but also singles who are out there dating actively would not want the messages from dating apps to pop up abruptly on their phone or even for people to identify these dating app icons easily from the mobile phone. 

Imagine being at a business meeting and your phone notification pops up and it says that someone from Bumble has texted you. It’s going to be awkward and embarrassing and probably may not look very professional. 

So how does this Android secret dating app icon help you resolve the concerns that you have over the display of dating app icons on your phone? Let’s look at some of the practical ways to change the icon legally and protect your dating life’s privacy.

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My Experience

Although I have actually not converted the icons of the dating apps that I use, I actually create a folder for social media, and alongside Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts that I have, I also place dating apps into this folder so that it does not appear on the home screen itself.

As for the notifications, I usually well disable notifications from dating apps because I do not want to be distracted by them. However, I do make it a point to check these dating apps at least once a day especially when I’m talking to someone and I know that I can anticipate conversations coming in on the app.

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How Can Android Secret Dating App Icon Help Your Privacy? 

  1. Turn Off Notifications

Turning off notifications on your phone will not only make sure that you’re not being distracted especially if you are at work by messages that you get from dating apps but also ensures your privacy. 

Nobody wants to let other people know that they are using dating apps and especially if you are living in a society that is not very open about accepting people dating on apps.

Both Android and also iPhone have the ability for notifications from specific apps to be turned off and this is very easy to do.

  1. Download Icon Packs To Customize Icons

Apps like Roast Android Secret Dating App allow you to change the dating app icons. You’ll need two things: an icon pack, which you can get from your device’s app store, and a launcher that supports custom icons. Various styles of icon packs are available, ranging from colorful and eye-catching to simple and minimalistic—choose the one that fits your preference. 

Once you have both, open the icon pack app first and follow any instructions provided. Some apps may require you to download a companion app from the App Store or Play Store to ensure masked icons retain their shapes, while others do not.

  1. Lock Your App

For added security and also privacy, what you can do to your dating apps even if you change your icon for the apps, is to lock your app. This means that nobody but you can access the app and usually you can unlock the app using your fingerprint or password.

Think of it like how you would lock your photo albums that are private and personal to you. That is how you should lock your app. If you have not already known, WhatsApp has this feature available for its users whereby you can lock the app and every time you need to access it, you need to verify using your fingerprint or password.

  1. Turn Off The App Drawer For Dating Apps

Now, a lot of apps like Facebook Messenger do have the ability to draw over other apps. If you are using Facebook Messenger, I am sure that you know that the icon pops up whenever someone messages you and floats on the home screen until you remove it from the screen. 

So, nobody would want to have this feature turned on especially if they are dating on dating apps. Having this icon popping up on your phone would instantly let people know that you are having dating apps on your phone, which could be embarrassing.

  1. Use Emails To Get Notifications Instead

Do you hate getting notifications from dating apps but also want to be notified when your matches message you on dating apps? One way to do this is to disable notifications on your phone for dating apps but keep the email notifications active. This would mean that whenever someone messages you on dating apps, you would be notified through email instead. 

You may not want to be notified for every single message that you’re getting and therefore you can limit the messages you get from the dating apps in your inbox to probably once a day.

How To Identify If Your Partner Is Using Dating Apps?

Relationship moving fast but feels right? Not sure if it is too good to be true? You may want to do background check for marriage to ensure you do not end up with a pseudo-boyfriend.

  1. Use Spy Settings

If you suspect that your partner is secretly using dating apps on their Android or iOS device, here are some methods to uncover the truth and find those hidden icons:

Check the App Drawer: Start by examining the app drawer on an iOS or Android device. Look for any suspicious icons or folders that might be used to hide dating apps. Swipe through each page of the app drawer to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Explore Phone Settings: On both Android and iOS devices, go to the settings menu and tap ‘Apps’ (or ‘Applications’/‘App Manager’). This will show a list of all installed apps, even those not displayed elsewhere. Carefully scroll through it for any unfamiliar or suspicious apps.

Use Spy Apps: If you need more advanced assistance, consider using spy apps like mSpy (for legal purposes only!). These apps provide complete visibility over everything installed on someone else’s phone, including hidden items, making them a powerful tool if other methods haven’t worked.

Remember, trust is fundamental in relationships. Approach these measures with caution and never secretly. Open communication about online activities is important as well.

  1. Try The “Forgot Password” Method

This method may not work perfectly because not all apps will tell you if an email address has an account with them. Nevertheless, this is a great way to give it a shot. You would not know until you try. So, download a dating app and input your partner’s most frequently used email address. Click on forgot password, to see if the app tells you that an email has been sent to the address.

If it does, bummer, then your partner is using the dating app!

  1. Go Incognito On Bumble To See If They Are There

You may want to be on Bumble to see if your partner is there, but don’t want him to see you. What you can do is use the paid version and go incognito on Bumble. I am sure if you were to swipe relentlessly for a day or two, you would across most people who are in your city, and that too nearby you. 

When you are in incognito mode, they won’t be able to see you until you swipe right on them.

  1. Use Paid Services To Help You

UserSearch: Allows you to search for a username on dating sites and informs you if a match is found. The results are free and do not require registration.

Cheatbuster: Exclusively works for Tinder and claims a 98% accuracy rate.

Spokeo: Retrieves social media sites linked to an email or name, but it can be challenging to sort through the data if the name is very common, like John Williams.

Socialcatfish: Similar to Spokeo, it pulls up social media accounts and photos associated with a name.

Other Safety Measures To Take Note When Using Dating Apps

Your Office Colleagues May See You

One thing you need to remember when using dating apps is the fact that people who have your numbers might be able to look you up on dating apps, and people from your professional setting may also be using it, and you wouldn’t want to come across them. On Tinder, you can block people’s numbers if they have an account associated with Tinder.

So, it doesn’t just matter if you use Android secret dating app icon to hide the icons on your phone. You may be exposed to colleagues using the apps.

Scammers On Dating Apps

Scammers are active on dating apps, preying on people who are looking for love and affection. So, be careful when you are being approached by someone who is too good to be true and also asks you to get off the app and connect on other apps like WhatsApp immediately.

Also, if they claim to be a white guy but don’t have a proper accent when speaking, you know that this is a scammer.

People Can Use Incognito Mode To See You

If you are not using Incognito Mode, people can see you if they are using that feature. So, don’t think that people you see appearing on the deck of cards on the app are the only ones using the app. So many people could be using it discreetly and they could still see you. Scary? I know right?

You could block people’s number and even install Android secret dating app icon, but people using paid dating app services can still see you.

Block Those People You Don’t Want To Interact With

If you come across your ex on a dating app and would not want to see them again (yes, even if you swipe left, you may see them again – read If You Swipe Left On Bumble Are They Gone Forever?). So, make sure you hide their profiles so that Bumble doesn’t show them to you again.

Use In-App Functions Before Meeting In Real Life

Wonder if the people you are meeting are legit? What about their recent appearance? Do they look like their photos? Use the In-app functions like video and voice calls before meeting in real life. This gives you enough opportunity to have a quick vibe check and see if you would like to meet them in real life.

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How do you find hidden dating profiles?

When searching for hidden dating profiles on your partner’s phone or computer, you can use either an online background check or your preferred search engine. Both methods are quick and efficient, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them more suitable for different situations.

Is there a secret dating app?

Whether you’re looking for a lifelong partner or just a companion for a night out, we can help. Our Secret Dating App lets you create a private and secure profile where you can specify your preferences for potential partners and connect with them within the app.

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