5 Affirmations To Make Him Obsessed With You

Disclaimer: when we say affirmations to make him obsessed with you, we are not referring to the emotionally unavailable guy who is not giving you what you want despite you being terrific and fantastic in life. We are not also trying to help you get your situationship back with magical steps that are going to make him change his mind in a jiffy. 

‘Him’ refers to someone who has healed his wounds and is ready to get into a relationship. He could choose you or your best friend who’s single. But, if he’s attracted to you, what are the affirmations that can help you stay grounded and make him take the first step or make the move to make you his partner? 

Red flags and green flags in relationships are easy to identify but those yellow flags are the most confusing ones. I use these affirmation cards to help me stay grounded when dating. First, love yourself enough and you’ll gain a sense of clarity on who you should ditch when dating.

Let’s look into some of the most powerful affirmations to help you stay grounded and embrace your power, in order to attract like-minded people into your life.

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My Experience

Before the age of 30, I was not as confident as I am right now at the age of 35 and single, and that is because I used to think that I was not attractive enough and I was not tapping into my feminine energy to make myself feel better and confident about who I can attract into my life. 

This is also partly because I was in touch with toxic men who like to put women down and once I cut my connection with these people, I started to attract men who are respectful and men who see my worth. 

I often hear men saying that there’s nothing wrong with me and I deserve the best because I am capable and I deserve a loving partner who could enhance my life with what he has to offer.

Men often see me as a successful woman who lives life on her own terms and usually, men who are driven to achieve more in life are attracted to me because they want a partner who can flow with their values and dreams as well.

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affirmations to make him obsessed with you

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5 Affirmations To Make Him Obsessed With You 

I meditate in the morning as soon as I get up by dissolving a handful of meditation rock salt under the running tap water as I say my affirmations aloud, and these melting waxes help to create a nice environment. I also put on nice meditative music to help me get into a calm state of mind.

I Am Attractive

Tell yourself every day that “I am attractive”. This is one of the first affirmations to make him obsessed with you.

Attractiveness is something subjective and beauty standards that we have today are overrated because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being attractive also looks different from person to person.

You don’t have to be slim with an hourglass figure in order to feel that you are attractive. Usually, when a woman feels that she is attractive, she dresses to make herself feel good.

Therefore, attractiveness is actually inside out, whereby how you feel about yourself gets reflected in the way you carry yourself.

One thing women should remember is the fact that whether you choose to go on a diet, slim down, dress well, or even take up creative classes, you should actually do all of this to make yourself feel better about yourself. 

Even if you are a curvy woman, you should embrace the way your body looks and remember that you are not everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay. If a man is not attracted to a curvy woman, that is not your fault.

I Am Confident

Tell yourself every day “I am confident”.

I am confident even if I am on the heavier side of the scale. I am confident even if I am a work in progress. I am confident even if I am not in the best state of mental health today. I am confident even if I have not achieved some of the goals I have set for myself.

Have you seen women who have given birth and gained extra kilos flaunting their bodies confidently although they are in the process of losing the extra weight?

Essentially, confidence is knowing that you love yourself no matter how you look and what progress you have made in life. Confidence is also the ability to not compare yourself with other women in terms of how they look and what they have achieved in life.

Are you always comparing what your friends have bought and what they are wearing for the festivities? Do you ask them where they have gotten their attires and try to purchase them so that you too will look good? 

This is a sign you lack confidence because you think getting what others have will make you desirable when in actual reality, you should focus on grounding yourself and understanding you have enough. 

“I am enough. My clothes are attractive. I make the best choices for myself. I have my unique style. I attract men who are my type”. These are the affirmations to make him obsessed with you.

Men are attracted to confident women and you might notice that when a man shows signs he likes you but playing it cool.

Repeat these mantras to enable yourself to feel that you’re enough and not chase the next best thing your friend has bought.

I Am The Best Version Of Myself

Although you are becoming the best version of yourself, always say “I am the best version of myself” to make sure that you are calling on the energy that you want to feel so that you do not operate from the lacking mindset.

This would also help you to make sure that you are optimizing your time and energy in order to improve yourself in every aspect of your life, from your health, outlook, and spirituality.

Remember, you want to attract men who are the best version of themselves and therefore these affirmations to make him obsessed with you will only work if you’re a match to who you’re aiming to attract.

I Am Tapping Into My Feminine Energy

The most important of all affirmations to make him obsessed with you is to remind yourself that “I am tapping into my feminine energy and embracing sexuality”.

Masculine and feminine energy are polar opposites and they need each other in order to thrive. What men seek in women is their feminine energy. 

If you are in a leadership position at work and you find it difficult to actually relax and embrace your feminine energy, men would find it difficult to engage with you and be attracted to you.

You need to introduce play and a relaxed state of mind in order to feel your energy flowing. When you’re not at work, dress well and tune into your feminine energy by listening to music and dancing your heart out, posting it on your social media in order to show your happy self and put the energy out there to attract the right man.

I Am Kind and Caring

“I am kind and caring”.

In the effort to embrace affirmations to make him obsessed with you, you should remember that being kind and caring is actually the bare minimum that you could offer men or even people around you. 

When you are generally kind and caring, you care about other people’s lives, and strive to make them feel better, you would naturally attract men who need your feminine energy. Being kind and caring is actually an embodiment of feminine energy that nurtures the world.

Men need women who are attuned to feminine energy and provide a nurturing environment in order for them to feel at home. When you are the best version of yourself and you are also kind and caring, you will be irresistible to men who view you as the complete package that they are looking for.

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How do I manifest him to be obsessed with me?

5 Steps To Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed with You

  • I Am Attractive
  • I Am Confident
  • I Am The Best Version Of Myself
  • I Am Tapping Into My Feminine Energy
  • I Am Kind and Caring

How do I make him obsessed with me?

Here’s how to make a man obsessed with you and stay on his mind 24/7

  • Leave room for some mystery and let them discover who you are.
  • Be playful and approachable for men to talk to you so that they can get interested in you.
  • Have your own life and go about doing things that you love the most so that you are not obsessed with him instead.
  • Tap into your family and energy and do more things that make you creative like dressing up well, and attending dance and music classes because men love women who are tuning in to the feminine energy.

Does affirmation work for attracting love?

Affirmations are powerful tools that can help you manifest love in your life, and this is largely because you stop entertaining people who are not good for you when you repeatedly tell yourself that you want positive things in your life. It may not happen immediately but you would be exuding the energy that attracts the right people and expels men who are not good for you.

Do guys like words of affirmation?

Men usually would love to feel good about themselves and therefore words of affirmation make them feel really good and confident about themselves, order for some, it boosts their ego. Men actually also love to receive compliments from women and this is also a form of affirmation that is coming from other people.

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