5 Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Looking for signs he likes you but is playing it cool because you are confused whether a guy is really into you or he is just treating you like a normal friend? Are you wondering if women should pursue men?

You are not alone, especially when it comes to dating as a lot of people can be quite hesitant when it comes to expressing their feelings and therefore identifying if someone likes you can be a daunting process.

Let’s look into some of the reasons why you feel confused about someone and what are the signs of someone is just playing it cool although he likes you and what to do if you are not getting any positive signs from this person in order to move it to the next stage if you would want to pursue this person for a relationship.

Now, let’s remember that just because someone likes you, it is not a sign that he will pursue you for a relationship. However, liking you is definitely the first step towards bringing the connection further in order to explore the possibilities of having a relationship with you.

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My Experience

I have known a friend for the past 17 years who has been a great confidante and we’ve had attraction between us that felt it is something more than us being friends. However, nothing positive has transpired from the liking we have for each other although I made it clear that I’m single and looking for a relationship because all I got to hear was his opinion on why he thinks marriages don’t last and he doesn’t believe in it. So, I stopped hanging out with him after getting to know that he’s jealous when I date others. 🤦‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

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Reasons Why You Feel Confused About Someone

  1. He Is Initiating Conversations But Does Not Ask You Out On Dates

If a guy is initiating conversation with you all the time but does not ask you out on dates, and you know for a fact that you feel that this is more than just friendship, it can be confusing because why would someone initiate conversations out of the blue for no reasons.

This can be confusing because if he is initiating conversations in order to get to know about your daily life but he is not asking you out on a date yet you may be wondering if he is romantically interested in you or not.

You may also wonder why do guys like situationships as this confusion could lead you to think if someone is genuine or not.

However, for adults, mostly it would be difficult for people from the opposite sexes to just be friends as adults have more specific needs and intentions when engaging with people in general.

  1. He Never Misses Out On Wishing You For Your Special Occasions

Have you ever felt confused because you tend to receive New Year wishes, birthday wishes, and wishes for every other occasion all throughout the year without a miss from this person, although he has not expressively confessed that he likes you?

This can be confusing especially if you know him to be still single and has expressed desires to date women and settle down, as you may be wondering if he likes you.

  1. You Feel Like You Are More Than A Friend For Him

This is a clear sign that you are confused if someone likes you from a romantic perspective or not because although you have been friends with this guy for a long time, you actually feel that you are more than a friend for him but less than a lover.

Special attention, compliments on your outfits, and subtle hints can show that this person likes you but in a confusing way.

5 Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

  1. He Orbits You On Social Media

Have you noticed that he likes to keep tabs on your personal life by orbiting you on social media watching every single story of yours and reacting to your photos all the time?

This is one of the clear signs he likes you but it’s playing it cool because he is already trading his most expensive commodity, which is his time to follow you and see what you are up to in real life.

  1. He Finds Reasons To Text You

If you keep getting text messages like “How are you” and “How is your work” every other week, it is a sign that he is trying to strike up conversations with you and he likes you. 

It may sound dumb for someone to text you out of the blue to ask if you have eaten and to find out what your day has been like, without any reason.

Yet, if he does that, it is a sign that he likes you and would like to see what you are up to on a daily basis.

  1. He Asks You Out To Hangout Without Labelling It As A Date

For someone brave enough to ask you on a date, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to express that he likes you openly.

However, if a guy keeps asking you to hang out with them without necessarily labeling it as a date, it could still be a sign that he likes you but is hesitant to ask you out officially on a date maybe because he is shy and is trying to gauge your interest in him to avoid fear of rejection.

Nevertheless, it could also be guys who are trying to string you along and use your company to fill their time and make them feel good about going out with women without being committed to asking them for a relationship.

This is basically where you should be brave enough in order to identify their intention by asking several crucial questions like their perspective on dating and marriage in order to see where they are coming from when they ask you out for hangout sessions.

Any guy who wants a relationship would definitely admit to wanting it and actively pursuing it. If a guy is hesitant to answer your question, you know that this is not gonna lead anywhere substantial.

  1. He Is Jealous When You Talk About Other Guys

No friend would feel jealous if you talk about other guys to him unless he really likes you. So, if let’s say you are dating a man and you are sharing your experiences with this guy and he reacts in a negative manner or expresses that he is jealous, it is a sign that he likes you. 

  1. He Doesn’t Talk About Relationships

You may ask, why if he doesn’t talk about relationships, it is a sign that he likes me? Well, when talking about a vast majority of shy guys, for you to even identify if he is shy or not interested can be a daunting task.

He refrains from asking about your relationship status and if you are dating anyone because it could break his self-confidence as he loves staying in the denial state of thinking that you are single and he could enjoy your company for as long as he wants.

This could also be a negative sign for you because if he is not acting upon his feelings for you, you may end up wasting a lot of time hanging out with this person who likes you but does not dare to pursue you for a serious relationship if that is what you are looking for.

When To Stop Obsessing Over Someone

  1. When He Is Not Acting Upon It

When you know that this guy likes you and sees you as someone more than a friend for him but still does not do anything to develop the connection into a romantic relationship, you may consider stopping being obsessed with him.

The best next thing to do is to continue dating others because this will only open up more opportunities for you to meet men who can meet your needs. 

  1. When He Just Wants To Hang Out But You Want More

Liking someone and taking it to the next step can be two different things that people can do when they like your company. 

Although he shows signs he is waiting for you to make the first move, if he is just up for casual hangouts and does not talk more about forming a relationship although you have given him enough time and space to think about it, it is a sign that you should stop hanging out with this person and consider someone else to date because this “friendship” is not going anywhere substantial.

  1. When It Becomes Mentally Exhausting To Decipher His Intentions

If you are just tired and you find yourself calling up your friends and discussing his attitude in order to decipher his intentions, it is time for you to stop giving him a lot of your energy in finding out what he’s thinking about you.

If you know it’s not going to be awkward and you are brave enough to ask him directly about what he thinks of you, you should definitely do it because this will give you the mental clarity that you are yearning for so that you don’t spend more time and energy ruminating about it.

  1. When You Have Given Him Time And You Don’t See Improvements

If you think a guy likes you, what you can do is actually give him enough time in order to see if he is taking the opportunity to pursue you. You may choose to go out with him and get to know him a little closer so that he would feel comfortable enough to open up his feelings for you.

However, if you have gone out on outings with him but he is not showing any signs that he wants to pursue you for a relationship, you should choose yourself and your mental peace, and end up expecting something more from him.

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Do guys play it cool if they like you?

Many guys tend to hide their feelings and play it cool to appear more attractive.

This could also be a little bit of power play as it builds up on the intensity of desire in the other person. When you’re not sure if someone likes you or not, they are likely going to be on your mind for a long time and this creates some level of obsession for the guys.

How do you test if he secretly likes you?

  • They want to hang out with you.
  • They text you for no reason.
  • They get jealous when you talk to other people.
  • They don’t forget to wish you for your special occasions.

What does a guy do when he likes you but is trying not to show it?

He might try to talk normally, give you minimal attention, or seem relaxed, although these actions would not really be good signs for women in general because they can be confusing. Guys actually do this because they fear rejection and they want to keep the stakes low.

How do you tell if a guy really likes you or is playing you?

If he’s playing you out:

  • He may dismiss your emotions when you admit you like him.
  • He blows things hot and cold.
  • He leaves you on seen when you text him.
  • He only wants physical intimacy.
  • He doesn’t act upon his feelings even when you’ve expressed your desires.
  • He does not ever plan real dates.

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