The Only 3 Practical Soulmate Love Affirmations You Need

Wondering what practical soulmate love affirmations you really only need? Have you been wondering why there are so many love affirmations and if at all they work? 

What happens when you write these affirmations or read them out loud every day? Can you manifest someone into your life within a specific time period? 

I don’t know about you but if you go around seeing manifestation coaches saying that you can manifest your life within a specific period of time and even manifest someone specific, it can be too good to be true and may set you up for a huge disappointment.

However, there are certain ways you can manifest stability in your mindset in order to attract what you want. 

Red flags and green flags in relationships are easy to identify but those yellow flags are the most confusing ones. I use these affirmation cards to help me stay grounded when dating. First, love yourself enough and you’ll gain a sense of clarity on who you should ditch when dating.

Let’s jump into it straight.

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My Experience

I have never believed a lot in writing down the nitty-gritty details of how your partner would look like, what their eye colors are, how tall they are going to be, or even when I am going to meet someone.

This is simply because when we manifest, a lot of us think that we can define the law of the universe, and take charge of how the universe works and control or even manipulate the outcome of our manifestation process. This is also a form of desperation because we want to control things and not let things happen of our free will.

However, I have always believed that manifestation actually helps us to be in the right state of mind and believe in what we want as well as not getting distracted by desperation and dating for the sake of dating.

This includes using people as a placeholder, casually dating while meeting someone who fits your needs, and generally just leaking your energy by talking to people who are not good for your mental health.

For me, the process of manifesting something is starting from having the right mindset and the ability to listen to your intuition. 

The moment I stopped entertaining temporary people in my life, and also the desperation to date just for the sake of dating and putting in the effort to date due to fear of missing out, I knew that I was already in the right part of trusting the universe and trusting my intuition to make the right decision for myself, whether it is putting myself back on the dating apps or generally just making any decisions for myself, without really being very obsessed with the dating rules set by a lot of Dating gurus out there.

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The 3 Soulmate Love Affirmations:

I meditate in the morning as soon as I get up by dissolving a handful of meditation rock salt under the running tap water as I say my affirmations aloud, and these melting waxes help to create a nice environment. I also put on nice meditative music to help me get into a calm state of mind.

  1. I Love Myself and My Life

I love myself and my life. This is one of the first soulmate love affirmations that you should focus on because it teaches you to be comfortable with your own life and fill your life with happiness from what you have at this point. 

You can regard this as a form of self-love whereby you focus on the goodness that you have in life. This is not to say that you cannot feel sad or cannot want or need a partner.

This is to say that you should have gratitude in life and make the most out of your single life although occasionally you feel sad and you desire a partner. 

Basically, when you affirm that you love yourself and your life, you will not be complacent in life and you will not have the tendency to procrastinate going for the yoga class that you have always wanted or taking up a new course at school. You would not put anything to be done later because you are not letting your mood dictate your life.

  1. I Rely On My Intuition To Guide Me To My Love

Am I supposed to be on the apps to find someone with love intention? Am I supposed to delete the apps? Should I kiss on the first date? 

Well, if you are above 30, and you are following quite a number of relationship coaches on Instagram, you would know that there are so many rules pertaining to relationships and how to find the right person quickly. 

When someone says that you are not supposed to do this and that, you feel that you shouldn’t be doing it although deep inside you want to try it out. Now, this actually stops you from living your life because you are no longer listening to what feels good for yourself but rather comparing your decisions with what people in general would think.

I rely on my intuition to guide me to my love. 

Nobody actually knows when you would cross part with someone special and you are different from others. You live a different life than your friends. Therefore, when you keep comparing your decisions with those of others, you lose touch with your intuition and you are not being guided by your soul anymore.

  1. I Am Worthy Of The Life and Love I Desire

The next thing that people struggle with is to feel worthy of the love that they want to receive. This is another part of the soulmate love affirmations that people should focus on because we are told to do endless inner work and therapy sessions in order to match the energy that we want to receive. 

In other words, we forget that we are a work in progress and that no matter what stage we are in in life, we deserve love.

Perfectionists struggle a lot in this phase because they think that they should continuously improve themselves to match someone who is energetically in the same phase as them.

However, this is actually a myth because what we should focus on is finding a partner who is going to be supportive of who we are becoming. 

I am worthy of the life and love I desire. 

Understand that you are worthy of a partner who loves you wholeheartedly and you can even use affirmations to make him obsessed with you.

As long as you know that you are continuously improving yourself to become the person that you have always wanted to be, you should remind yourself that you can receive love at any point in time. 

You do not need to have that perfect body, perfect diet, and also your dream career to manifest a life partner.

What Not To Expect From Soulmate Love Affirmations:

  1. Overnight Miracles

You should not expect overnight miracles from soulmate love affirmations. I am not sure about you, but generally, I think that someone who expects miraculous outcomes just because they have done soulmate love affirmations is setting themselves up for a huge disappointment.

  1. A Soulmate Based On Superficial Criteria You Have

Although some people believe in writing down the nitty-gritty details of the partner that they desire, from the color of the eyes and how tall they should be, I think that being realistic and also being open to what the universe is supposed to send you is the right mindset, to begin with. 

You should focus on the life values that you want to see in a partner. That is the most important thing to focus on when finding a partner. When their values align with yours, most of the other things that you are looking for will somehow fall into place properly. 

This also eliminates your mental bandwidth to focus on too many things at once, and just focus on how you want to feel being with your life partner. They say emotion is energy in motion. Therefore, always focus on how you want to feel when you have a partner with you. How does life feel like when you have someone supportive of everything you do in life? How does it feel to have somebody to laze around with on a Sunday evening?

  1. Trying To Control How The Universe Works

The main mistake that people make is to manifest to control the outcome of it. A lot of people think that – when I manifest, I am going to get what I want in a jiffy. However, letting things happen on its free will is really important because as much as we want to put in the effort to get what we want, our focus should always be on the strategic effort and not so much on the outcome. 

I know that it is extremely hard, especially if you are 35 and single, or even older, to detach yourself from the outcome because when you have been single for a long time, you would be in a desperate state to go on dates relentlessly. However, to protect your energy and time from time wasters, you should come to a point where you are okay with things happening on your own.

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How do I affirm my soulmate?

You affirm soulmates by the following affirmations: 

  • I Love Myself and My Life
  • I Rely On My Intuition To Guide Me To My Love
  • I Am Worthy Of The Life and Love I Desire

How do you manifest soulmate love?

  • Phase 1: Write down your negotiables and non-negotiables.
  • Phase 2: Use prayer, meditation, affirmation, and visualization to ensure that your thoughts are positive about what you want.
  • Phase 3: Plan some strategic actions like letting your friends know that you’re single asking them to introduce single friends, and identifying how to meet singles in a safe and promising setting.

How do you write soulmate affirmations?

I am radiating a powerful love to draw in my soulmate. I deserve someone who loves me wholeheartedly. I am in the loving arms of my soulmate. I feel safe with my soulmate. I’m calling on the higher power to guide me in meeting the right person.

How do I attract my true soulmate?

  • Identify what you want in a relationship 
  • Be grateful for your current life 
  • Always make sure that you are thinking positively about love 
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others 
  • Trust your intuition when it comes to deciding anything that is related to love

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