Date Idea Generator: The Best To Use, And Pros And Cons

So, you’re looking for a date idea generator that is free and doesn’t involve login details and sign-ups? One that looks like a machine that randomly generates great date ideas for you when you are having decision fatigue with your partner

I’ve been there and I have tested quite a bit of these websites that offer date idea generator, and I know that a few of them can be extremely superficial and generate the same old idea again and again to the point where you are right now extremely frustrated and you want something reliable. 

I have selected the top three date idea generator websites and I hope that this sort of mini review on the date idea generator will be helpful and saves you time checking out these endless options out there on the website.

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My Experience

“So, what are we doing tonight?” I know it’s not just you but a lot of people who are dating actively like me also go through decision fatigue when it comes to deciding what to do on a date night or when you are trying to get to know someone and would like to do something different to gauge the love intention and compatibility with them.

A random date idea generator will add spark and mystery to the entire date night preparation and I know this is what you are looking for especially when you type in the keyword “date idea generator” into Google.

However, what we cannot expect a date idea generator to do is to precisely plan a very specific date idea based on the liking of our partner and us. I have found one website that does an excellent job but still, we have to remember that an AI generator is not going to be a substitute for human beings and even if you were to consult human beings for ideas, only you and your partner know what is best for the both of you.

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Date Idea Generator List

  1. My Spicy Vanilla – The Best In My Opinion

I have gone through about 6 to 7 websites and I find this website to be really interesting because you can even key in the location and all your preferences, including your budget range, and it will give you very specific places in the city that you want to go on a date with budgets included. 

I’ve tried keying in Munich, Germany for a date night and I got a list of restaurants and activities to do with locations included, and budget range provided as well.

This is by far the most precise result that I got when I tested a few websites out.

  1. Celebrate Ally  – Has More Filters Like Dietary Preference, Occasions Etc

Celebrate Ally has more filters like dietary preferences and it also asks you what kind of occasions you are planning for like First Day ideas, anniversary ideas, and things like that in order to be more precise with the outcomes that it generates for you.

I find this to be more precise than the outcomes of other websites and although it does not really give you the budget involved for the activities that you’re looking for, you can simply type in “live performance + budget” on Google and you will get more precise outcomes based on the ideas that this website will generate for you.

  1. Spin The Wheel – You Let The Wheel Select One From Your Ideas

No, this one is a little bit unique and useful because if let’s say the two of you have different ideas for the date night that you are planning, and let’s say you guys are just fighting with each other in picking one idea, this one’s for you. 

Spin the wheel basically allows you to input a few activities and all you need to do is to just spin the wheel and the wheel picks one activity when it stops. This suits couples who have ideas in mind but cannot pick one yet.

When To Use Date Idea Generator?

A date idea generator can be used when you are looking for something different to do and ideally, you should not rely on a date idea generator to give you the ultimate guidance on how your dates should go because you must discuss with your partner what they prefer.

For example, although date idea generators provide a lot of ideas for first dates, a lot of people do not prefer to have complicated activities to be done during first dates and first dates should be reserved for communicating and getting to know a person well. 

I know it can be extremely boring to do the coffee date idea but usually people will pick this because they would be interested in seeing the person and talking to them rather than doing something with the person.

Remember, it is not about doing something different every time but it is about spending quality time together and also identifying what makes each other comfortable.

Pros and Cons of Using Date Idea Generator

On my experience trying to browse through different websites in order to find out a date idea generator that really works its charm, I think that it has a few pros and cons. 


  1. You may come across ideas like escape room date night, which you did not know before.
  2. Activities like painting and drawing together may give you some ideas about doing something that you have never tried doing before.


  1. Planning for a date night can be more complicated and takes up more time 
  2. The ideas suggested by the software may not be suitable for you if they cannot be executed in your city. For example, if the generator asks you to go on a beach outing and if you are staying in a landlocked city, it’s not going to work for you.

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What’s the best date idea?

The best date idea is one that involves both of you in the preparation of it. It has to make both of you comfortable and you need to be okay trying it out. Ultimately, it can be anything from going on a simple date night, a coffee date, an indoor date, and just about anything else that you decide to do but you should be having quality time together.

What app tells you date ideas?

There are a lot of apps that you can download in order to provide you spontaneous date ideas and this includes Cobble, Closer To You, Eezy, DUO, Lovewick, and Intimately Us for Couples. These apps provide you with some unique and new date ideas that you have never thought of before.

How to make a date idea box?

Create a date idea box by decorating a small container and filling it with cards listing date ideas. Use different colors for categories like romantic, adventure, and home dates. Draw a card whenever you need inspiration for a date, keeping your relationship exciting and spontaneous.

How do I create a virtual date?

Create a virtual date by choosing activities like watching a movie, playing online games, cooking together, doing a virtual tour, or taking an online class. Use video call platforms like Zoom or Skype to connect. Set a specific time, dress up, and enjoy the experience together from your own homes.

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