Escape Room Date Night: 7 Reasons You Will Be Thrilled

Escape room date night is a great date idea. If you are wondering if this is a good idea for you, especially if you are not sure your partner will be comfortable with this or if you just want to know about the do’s and don’ts and what to generally expect from an escape room date night, this post is going to cover quite a lot of things for you to begin with.

You probably would have known what escape room date night is all you might have heard of it for the first time like me and wonder what it has in store for couples who are still dating like you.

Let’s dive into it and look at what it really is and how it could be beneficial for you.

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My Experience

Escape room is a concept that is pretty new to me because I have not come across the term before but I have been to one if I could recall correctly with my cousins to explore a new activity. 

So, I think I went to an escape room without even knowing that I went to an escape room 😅. It was thrilling and very adventurous, and also requires quite a bit of energy to be involved with activities until the end and it could drain you out.

I wasn’t excellent at it but I had fun with my cousins and it was definitely something new that I came across in my life. 

Will I be going to an escape room for a date night with someone that I barely know? I doubt so because I need to be comfortable with someone before I even engage in adventurous activities with them.

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What Is Escape Room Date Night?

First, let’s see what an escape room is. It’s basically a room where you and your friends and family or whoever wants to play will be locked in and you will be given riddles and clues in order to solve the puzzle so that you can come out of the room. 

Usually escape room games are timed and this makes the activity an adrenaline-pumping one. This means you will be pressed for time to find the answers to the puzzle and get out of the room.

So, escape room date night is an activity that you do while going out on a date with someone. I know that a lot of you will be just bored with coffee dates and probably would have gone on a few dates and thought that another coffee date was going to be boring. You probably just want to gauge compatibility and see this person from another perspective and you want to do something really exciting and different.

Why Should You Opt For Escape Room Date Night?

So, let’s look into some of the reasons why you should consider escape room date night instead of the usual boring coffee dates.

  1. Breaks The Ice Between Two People Faster

So, imagine that you’re going on a date for the first time and the both of you would have to start the conversation really slow with questions like how are you and how your day has been and things like that. It’s going to take a while before both of you are comfortable to even get to know each other further.

However, given the nature of an escape room, you have to engage in conversations immediately because you are in a team trying to solve a puzzle and this would help you to break the ice faster.

  1. You Learn How They Behave and Think In Competitive Environments

Are you a competitive person? When it comes to games and puzzles, how fast do you think and how good are you in general knowledge questions? What do you know and what do you not know? When you are involved in an intense activity like this, you can observe your partner faster and see how they behave and think in competitive environments.

Are they slow and sluggish? Do they let you win easily? Or are they really competitive and giving you a tough fight?

It does tell a lot of things about someone.

  1. You Could Gauge How Sporty They Are

Are they into sports and are they into adventurous activities? Well, let’s just forget about the interests in sports. Are they sporting enough to try different things and to go with the flow in a new environment? Or are they reluctant when it comes to new activities and are they taking some time to get used to it? 

If you are a reserved person, it might be hard to get along well with someone who is very adventurous unless they like you and you both have compatibility in other aspects and they are willing to tolerate your nature.

You should remember that you shouldn’t be judgy based on how someone behave in an escape room just because they seem a little bit awkward in the beginning.

Date nights shouldn’t be feeling like an exam and you shouldn’t be too judgy as well.

  1. You Learn More About Them In A Short Time

This is a no-brain because if you were going on date night with someone and spend an hour or two playing adventurous games, you would be able to learn how they react in tense situations, how competitive they are, and also what they know about general knowledge and just random things that you may not know from a coffee date.

  1. You Are Less Distracted

Have you been on dates to watch movies or go hiking where you are easily distracted by other things like movies and people that are hiking together with you? 

Honestly, you wouldn’t even be able to talk much to your partner when you’re doing activities like these.

However, when you are in a confined room playing an adventurous game and you both are on a team that requires you to cooperate and plan to win, you will be less distracted by other things

  1. They Could Teach You Something 

You probably do not know that they are good at solving puzzles or that they have puzzle solving as their favorite family activity. When doing an intense activity that you usually wouldn’t do on a date, you get to see what they are good at and probably they could teach you something new. You get to learn different things from each other.

  1. Breaks The Boring Coffee Date and Where To Eat Topic

And this part is something that everybody hates because nobody wants to think about where to go for a coffee date and where to eat or even which place to pick, whether it’s in the middle of both of your places or if one of you is going to drive down to the other’s city.

By going on an escape room date night, you keep things interesting and you would be looking forward to the next date.

Things To Consider When Planning Escape Room Date Night?

So, what are the things that you should consider when planning for an escape room date night?

  1. Are They Comfortable?

This could be your idea but have you checked if they are comfortable with the idea? This is especially true if it is your first date and you know nothing about them. It’s probably harder to gauge if they would be comfortable going on and escaping Room date night for the first date because you wouldn’t know if they are adventurous and sporting.

  1. Are You Both In The Same City?

So, when planning for an escape room date night, what you need to make sure of is to see if the both of you are in the same city. If you are picking an escape room that is further away from your date, and if he or she needs to travel far for it, it’s going to be uncomfortable and unfair to them.

  1. Is The Escape Room Expensive?

Escape rooms are not cheap, and if you are in an expensive city, you can tell that when the general cost of living is high, activities like this would also be costly and you need to make sure that both of you are comfortable with the idea if you are splitting the bill.

  1. Is Escape Room Date Night Suitable For First Dates?

I would not suggest an escape Room date night for first dates because you need to spend the first date speaking to each other and observing each other without distraction. First dates are usually an opportunity for you to screen someone and see if you’re comfortable with them and if you would like to see them again. You would want to know if they have love intention and would want to date to marry.

If you are going for an escape room date night for the first date, imagine that you would spend a lot of time playing games and not having casual conversations.

Cons Of Escape Room Dates

  1. Can Be Expensive

While it can be an interesting activity to do, it involves a lot of money and it may not be something within the budget of people especially towards the end of the month where people are generally running out of money and waiting for the next paycheck.

  1. Can Be Overwhelming For Introverts

Needless to say, introverts can take a lot of time to get comfortable with people and therefore putting them in the spotlight by going on escape room dates can be overwhelming for them to cope with.

You need to check with the partner if they know what happens in an escape room and let them know a little bit about what to expect so that they can be prepared for it.

  1. May Not Be Suitable To Properly Get To Know Someone Personally

Since both of you would be spending a lot of time playing games, an escape room may not be suitable to properly get to know someone personally. You will be distracted by games because you will need to solve the puzzle within a given time therefore it’s going to be intense and you’re focus is going to be on solving the game.

  1. Not Suitable For Long-Distance Couples

Small towns may not have escape rooms and this makes things hard for people to travel especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Unless the both of you live in the same town and would like to travel a little bit somewhere else to do this activity and come back together, this will be hard to plan.

How To Know If You Should Do It Again?

  1. If The Both Of You Are Comfortable

If the both of you find it really interesting and you are comfortable with it, you will immediately know that you will be doing this activity again together in the near future. 

However, if one person is really tired and gets frustrated with the environment, you may need to make adjustments for your next dates.

  1. If The Both Of You Have Already Known Each Other Quite A Bit

In my opinion, it will be best to go on a date to an escape room if the both of you have already known each other quite a bit. Let’s just say that you have gone on at least three dates and then now you’re thinking about what to do next and you want to do something different, escape Room will be a good choice.

  1. You Want To Explore Different Themes and Games

So, you have enjoyed the Escape Room, and one way to identify if you both would like to do it again is to see if you would want to explore different themes and games within the escape room. You even want to go to a different escape Room and see what they have in store for you guys. Think of it like bar hopping. 😉

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Are escape rooms a good date?

Escape rooms are a great option for people who are dating and also for married couples because you would be doing different activities and this would renew the spark in the relationship.

Are escape rooms good for couples?

Depending on how comfortable people are, escape rooms can be good for couples who are adventurous and who love doing different things. Usually, extroverts would be really happy to go on escape room dates.

Is escape room romantic?

Escape Room date night may not exactly be a romantic experience for couples because you will be playing adrenaline-pumping adventurous games. It is adventurous more than it is romantic.

What should I wear to an escape room date?

You may not want to wear high heels and stilettos to an escape room. Although it is a date night, you should be wearing casual comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes for you to be able to move around. 

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