Rings For Single Women: 3 Shocking Reasons Of Getting One

Who buys rings for single women? Nobody except single women. Yes, you read that right.

In many women’s lives, nobody gets them rings unless it’s time for them to get into a relationship. I don’t need to tell you how women romanticize proposal rings and even set the expectations so high for men to get them one.

Because it means a lot to them (regardless of how much they cost).

A sudden pang of sadness engulfs me as I’m typing this as a 35 and single woman, and I know I’m not alone.

Why categorize rings for single women? Aren’t all rings the same? And why should you get them apart from it being an act of self-love?

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My Experience

Well, you can only expect a proposal ring or what you call the promise ring if you are in a relationship. I do not have one yet and have not fantasized about them much. I think probably the stress of wanting to find the right person for a relationship has kind of made me forget about a lot of things which includes the ring.

However, when I went to Sri Lanka in 2014, which was my first trip abroad anyway, I got myself a blue sapphire stone to be made into a ring (you need to make sure they give you a lifetime warranty like this). I have worn it every day ever since and it has been a decade now.

The blue sapphire ring that Lady Diana wore is from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for its precious stones. Therefore, it was the most memorable gift I got for myself from my first salary.

Here is a discussion where a lot of women share their opinion of wearing a ring as single women.

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What Symbolic Importance Do Rings Hold For Women?

Why are women so dumb and obsessed about rings and why do they go to the extent of having high expectations over receiving proposal rings from their partners?

  1. Symbol of Being Loved, Wanted and Chosen

Well, when it comes to money, we all know that money is precious and when a man is willing to spend on his woman, it goes to show that she is being loved, wanted, and chosen.

This is not to say that every woman should get their partners to get the most expensive diamond ring in the world to prove that they are worthy of love.

A ring is a ring, and it doesn’t matter the value because what matters the most is the act of gifting a woman a ring shows how thoughtful a man is and it is a lovely gesture.

  1. Social Security and Status

For a lot of women who have the dream of getting married, being gifted with a proposal ring symbolizes social status and security. In a lot of traditional cultures, the union of two people in the form of marriage gives a sense of security because it gives peacefulness for both people knowing that they have each other to live the rest of their lives with. 

Many cultures still hold respect for people who are married and they are regarded as important in society. And therefore getting married is important to have a respectable status in a community.

  1. Connection and Unity

Every time you see your proposal ring, you are reminded of your partner and just like any other gift, it symbolizes connection and unity. However, a ring is worn every day typically and therefore it reminds you of your partner every single time you see it.

On What Occasions Do Women Receive Rings?

Actually, married people or even people in a relationship receive quite a bit of ring exchanges throughout the relationship as their relationship progresses (and it’s f****** sad to process this because, well, we single people miss out on a lot of things, and the more reasons we need rings for single women).

  • Proposal Rings

This is a promise ring and this is given by a guy to his girlfriend when he is proposing to her to become his girlfriend.

This ring is usually very simple and does not need to cost a bomb because it symbolizes that a guy is thoughtful enough to propose to his girlfriend to accept his love and officially become his girlfriend, whereby they both would enter a relationship. 

This is also to tell people out there that the girl is taken and she is no longer single.

Typically a couple gets engaged before the wedding ceremony and this is significant as it symbolizes that the two people will soon be united in a marriage. An engagement function will usually involve friends and family members, especially the ones who are close to the couple.

This is probably the most important investment that both people will make in the wedding because both the men and the woman will exchange wedding rings and this will symbolize that they are now husband and wife and that they have entered into a marriage officially.

Anniversary rings are usually not that common unless a couple clocks their tenth anniversary or silver jubilee, and is common when people are renewing their wedding vows.

Rings For Single Women: 3 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Get Them

So many wedding rings for people who are married, and I know you are stressed at this point because I am too! We need rings for single women too, but not just cuz we’re depressed! Here are three shocking reasons why.

  1. Faux Wedding Ring Could Keep Unwanted Men From Hitting On You

Rings for single women can be morphed into faux wedding rings to keep unwanted men from hitting on women.

So, just imagine you are going on a solo vacation to Bali or even anywhere else in the world, and you’re not sure if you’re gonna be safe, what you need to do is to just wear a ring on your right-hand ring finger but quickly switch it to your left hand’s ring finger when you are going to be in the public or if you feel unsafe. 

Smart idea uh? 🫣

  1. No More FOMO

First, love yourself! I know that as a single person, you will grieve a lot of things in life because you may not be able to have kids without getting married, you may not be able to have mind-blowing safe sex without getting married and so much more. 

The fear of missing out can be excruciatingly painful for single women. Sometimes we cry for the slightest thing that could affect our minds like the weddings of our friends. 

All my friends are getting married leaving me alone”. This monologue is not strange to single women.

Here are rings for single women to save the heartache of those who are yearning to have themselves celebrated. 

Buy rings for yourself and celebrate yourself so that you do not need to wake up to the thought that you will never be able to own beautiful rings in your life anymore.

  1. Conversation Starters in Manifesting Love and Abundance

Have you ever wondered if rings could be a great conversation starter because unique and eye-catching rings can attract people, this could attract men as well who could probably strike up a conversation with you, asking about your ring and asking if you are still single.

As opposed to the popular belief that if you were to wear a faux ring, people could think that you are married, it can help you to manifest love and abundance in life because you are no longer operating from the place of lack of love. Soulmate love affirmations are powerful.


What kind of rings do single women wear?

Delicate, spiral, and stackable bands are suitable for single women because this would be elegant enough but also help them avoid confusing potential mates by thinking that they are married.

Can a single girl wear a ring?

Yes, a single girl can wear a diamond-studded ring, which is not only fashionable but also improves her self-esteem and feels her desires and needs for a lovely ring which is not necessarily an engagement ring.

How do you wear a ring if you are single?

Single ladies can wear a diamond ring on the right-hand ring finger since wedding rings are worn on the left hand. However, it does depend on their preference and they could even wear it on their left hand if they want to ward off unnecessary attention from men.

What finger do unmarried girls wear rings on?

It is a common practice to wear a ring on the right hand if someone is unmarried but people may find it uncomfortable as a lot of people have the right hand as their dominant hand. It is not wrong for single people to wear a ring on their left hand, although it could confuse potential suitors.

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