Why He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants To Sleep With Me?

Why he has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me? I know that you’re frustrated and extremely annoyed by the fact that men can treat women like doormats and on the other end still enjoy the benefits of a relationship with a girl who doesn’t seem to know what’s going on behind closed doors when he is away from her.

It makes you rage furiously, wanting to expose cheaters and liars, but you are also curious about what made him still want to sleep around when he already has a girlfriend. Are you wondering if he loves her or are you wondering if he is actually into you romantically?

Let’s look into some of the reasons why jackasses like them still exist and what you should do to protect yourself from people who are leaching off your energy.

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My Experience

I’ve come into contact with people who are already married on dating apps trying to get laid by strangers and still wanting to seek attention even if they have already found a girlfriend for themselves. At that moment in time, what came into my mind was the fact that people like them should be exposed and shamed. 

It makes you want to prove to them that they have been messing with the wrong person and you want to assert your power by seeking revenge. However, usually, I would just channel my anger elsewhere and avoid engaging with negative people.

The primary reason why men who are already in a committed relationship look for physical intimacy outside of the relationship is because they do not have a high self-esteem. They seek validation from everybody because even if you were to go up to them and tell them that they are attractive and they are sexy, they wouldn’t believe you. 

They need more validation from different people, and that is the reason why even though the seem to be in a loving relationship, they don’t seem to feel that the attention that they get from their partner is sufficient.

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3 Reasons Why He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants To Sleep With Me?

Why he has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me? I know it would seem really confusing because if he wants to sleep around, why would he even want to be in a relationship? And if he is already in a committed relationship, why would he ever seek physical intimacy outside of his relationship? Can’t he opt for non-monogamous relationships? After all, it saves heartache for a lot of people.

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1) He Is Weak in Self-Confidence 

People who cheat generally lack self-confidence and they do this to stroke their fragile ego. This is something common that I found in people, especially men who are always seeking different women to sleep with. 

They are usually not good-looking and they can also have a very narcissistic tendency to put women down and they are overconfident about themselves most of the time.

The more women that he can sleep with, the more he thinks it is better to boost his ego. It makes him feel wanted by many women and therefore he draws the sense of being superior and powerful.

2) He Thinks It’s Fantasy 

Pornography and non-monogamous relationships have changed the way people view physical intimacy as a whole. We have glorified fantasy a lot and various sexual fantasies depicted in the media somehow signal people that there’s more for people to explore.

Men think that if they do not explore their sexual fantasies, something is wrong with them or probably they think that they have all the opportunities to explore every one of them even if it is with different women. 

The patriarchy that has been strengthening the notion that men are men, and it is normal for men to explore physical intimacies has normalized this behavior further.

3) He Doesn’t Love His Girl

He also actually doesn’t love his partner because if he loves her enough, that would be mutual respect and boundaries that would govern his behavior.

He is probably having someone as a girlfriend who he can manipulate and it should be someone who can tolerate his dominant and manipulative behavior. Usually, men like this would not want to have strong women as their partners because they wouldn’t be able to continue having affairs with other women behind their backs.

He has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me – this guy’s having a girlfriend for the sake of pleasing the society he lives in. It gives him admiration and respect as a man of commitment.

How To Know If Someone Is Actually Single?

  1. They Won’t Hesitate To Connect On Social Media

A single person would not hesitate to connect with you on social media because he does not have anything to hide from you from his social media. A married man who has family, wife, and family members on his social media connections would hesitate to add you as a friend on his social media because this would expose him instantly.

  1. They Post You On Social Media

If someone is posting pictures of both of you on social media, it goes to show that they do not hesitate to show you to the world. They are not afraid of hiding anything from the public and it shows that they are proud of dating you.

  1. Government Records on Marriage

This is a surefire way of identifying if someone is married or not because the government records are going to be accurate and you will almost instantly get your answer regarding someone that you’re dating. You may hire a lawyer or a private investigator to find this out for you.

  1. Find Out From Mutual Friends

Ask mutual friends that you may have regarding the past of the person that you are dating. You may get to know a few things about his past dating life and probably if he was married before or even if he was engaged to someone else before this.

  1. They Bring You Out On Dates In Public Where They Live 

If he is willing to take you out on a date in the city where he lives, it goes to show that he is not hesitant to show you to the community that he lives in. If this is a married guy and he is taking you out on dates where he lives, he would definitely run into risks of getting exposed when people he knows see the both of you.

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Why does he still want me if he has a girlfriend?

This goes to show that he is bored in his current relationship and is seeking something new and exciting and probably fun that he can look forward to every single day until he gets bored with you. 

This is a person who finds it hard to be satisfied by just one single woman and he always wants to be with more women because he gets bored very often.

How do you know if he loves you even if he has a girlfriend?

If he loves you, he would try to connect with you respectfully and would be in touch with you to wish you on your birthdays and give you attention although he has a girlfriend.

If he is only sexually attracted to you, he might be flirtatious and try to initiate sexual connections with you.

Why is he attracted to me when he has a girlfriend?

He thinks that you’re attractive but he is not ready to commit to you. He also wants to boost his ego by proving to himself that he can get any woman he wants at any time. It could also be because he is not excited about his relationship anymore and he is bored once he gets a woman to be his girlfriend.

Why is my ex sleeping with me when he has a girlfriend?

He wants to stop you from finding someone new and he wants to keep you in his radar so that he could have access to you whenever he wants it. He probably thinks that the sex is good and he still has that attachment towards you.

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