How To Ask An Asian Girl Out: 3 Effective Ways

Are you touring in Asia and wondering how to ask an Asian girl out? Probably, you are an expat in Asia, working here for quite some time, and have gotten to know the local girls over here, and are keen on getting to know them further to ask them out for a date, but are not sure of the cultural taboos and how to make the move first?

Due to globalization, the dating dos and don’ts as well as etiquette may somehow seem the same worldwide, but it may differ from one culture to another, and especially if you are not aware of how Asians behave in romantic relationships, you may want to look into a few pointers to help you is your date with the Asian girl that you are eyeing on.

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My Experience

I have dated a few people from outside of the Asian community and I have to say that it gives a new perspective each time I date people from different cultures because it teaches you a little bit about the world from their lens.

While it is fantastic to have dates from different parts of the world, sometimes, due to cultural misconception, a few things can be a turn-off from guys who are not from the Asian continent, although generally, we do understand that this actually stands from someone not knowing how to approach Asian girls.

This includes kissing in public (however, I absolutely love the way Latinos pull out the chair and kiss a girl as a way of saying hi when you guys meet them 😜) and trying to imitate the Asian way of communicating like adding “lah” inappropriately can actually be awkward but we do understand that it is coming from a good intention to blend with the locals and also to show your way of love and affection towards ladies in general so that she does not think that you are wishy washy guy.

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How To Ask An Asian Girl Out: 3 Effective Ways

How to ask an Asian girl out effectively?

While it is exciting to date someone that you like from the Asian community, and it is normal to feel unsure and anxious because of the fear of doing something that may be culturally inappropriate, here are the main few things to bear in mind in order to effectively have a date with an Asian girl.

  1. Be Culturally Sensitive

In the Western part of the world, publicly displayed affection (PDA) is not something frowned upon, and therefore you will never have eyes rolling at you for kissing in public.

Pulling out the chair for ladies is a great gesture that a lot of guys from the West do, and ladies from Asia would love it!

However, in the Asian context of dating, although we are very much receptive to globalization and have adopted many forms of lifestyle from the West, PDA is still not widely practiced in Asia.

If you are out clubbing, it is alright to kiss someone in the club. However, if you are meeting someone casually at restaurants where families and children are present, usually people do not publicly display affection at places like this because it is still deemed inappropriate.

Alternatively, you should check your date’s body language and cues to understand if she is going to be open to PDAs. As a rule of thumb, if you do not know your date well, refrain from kissing someone on your first date.

  1. Be Open To Learning About Her Culture

You should be open to learning about her culture and Asian culture in general, and this shows that you are open to understanding the way that she is brought up full stop. This also actually breaks the ice between the two of you because she would also be comfortable enough in order to learn more about you and your culture.

For instance, Indians in the Asian community prefer eating with their hands and if you are dating an Indian, you could bring her out for dinner at an Indian restaurant and ask her to teach you about Indian food.

A lot of places of interest in Asia cover places of worship and you should definitely visit a few of them with your date this would signal that you are interested in learning about her religion and culture, and this would also serve as an opportunity for you to explore local places as well.

  1. Be Genuine and Honest In What You Are Looking For

Now, how to ask an Asian girl out effectively? You should definitely be genuine and honest in what you are looking for. Now, this is not only for Asian girls but also for women all around the world.

If you are looking for something short, make this clearly known to the girl and see if she is up for it. If you are looking for something long-term and serious, make sure you let her know and also make sure you understand what she is looking for as well. 

Again, as I said before, the dating landscape has very much become homogeneous in the science that the dating rules are somewhat similar across the world. Women definitely get frustrated when men do not display love intention when that is what they promised on their dating profiles. 

So, if you are not looking for something long-term and you know that your data is looking for something long-term, do not ever try to string her along because this is going to disappoint you as an Asian girl would not settle for something short-term term especially if she is specifically looking for something serious. 

You would also not be getting what you are looking for especially if you’re looking for something casual because Asian girls are not going to be entertaining your intention just because you ask them out.

What Not To Do To Impress Women Of Other Races?

  • Don’t Imitate How Asians Speak

So, how to ask an Asian girl out by making sure you don’t do something that would turn them off? 

Do not imitate how Asians speak. I got this when I was dating someone from Brazil who kept adding the word “lah” at the end of certain sentences which definitely did not fall appropriately. It was kind of cute but it was also awkward at the same time because I have seen this many times in other instances where when people overdo it, it becomes something annoying and it may kill the joy overall. 

So, if you really have no idea how Asians speak and the context of where to use “lah”, don’t do it yet because it is okay if you do not use it rather than using it inappropriately.

  • Don’t Be Too Direct With Your Opinion 

Asians are generally softer and we are not too direct when it comes to voicing out our opinions as compared to our counterparts from the West. So, let’s say a woman that you are dating is suggesting to go to a place that you are not very keen to visit, rather than just plainly saying that you’re not interested in this place come out what you can do is suggest some other places and say that you prefer them over the place that she chose.

The same goes for your comments and opinions about Asian countries and culture in general. It is okay to be honest about what you think of the cultures and the countries in Asia, and there may be certain things that you do not like. However, you should word it properly when you are voicing out your opinion so that it does not come off as rude to them

  • Don’t Rush Into It

How to ask an Asian girl out? You should definitely not rush into it and be friends with her first. If you both have matched on a dating app, take some time to create conversations with her on the app in order to get to know her, and then try to see if she is interested in meeting you in person.

I would suggest you make use of the video call and also voice call functions (new dating apps features) if you are on dating apps in order to screen your dates first and create some level of comfort with them before you actually ask them out because this is going to create a sense of trust when Asian girls are going to meet you in person.

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How to ask out an Asian girl?

Be culturally sensitive, be open to learning about her culture and most importantly be honest about your intention and your dating goals so that you do not end up going out on a date with someone who is not on the same page as you.

How to get an Asian girl to like you?

Just like any other girl, guys should have good intentions and treat women with respect. Additionally, an Asian girl will appreciate it if you are culturally sensitive to her values and beliefs as well as it shows that you respect her upbringing as well.

How to date an Asian woman?

Slow and steady is the key as Asian women take some time to get to know their dates and to trust you enough in order to go out on a date with you. Therefore you should be gentle and genuine in approaching them. Just like any other girls, we like if men were to pull out the chair for us and also bring us flowers.

How to ask a Chinese girl to be your girlfriend?You could say, “你愿意做我的女朋友吗 (nǐ yuàn yì zuò wǒ de nǚ péng you ma), which means that you are asking her if she is willing to be your girlfriend.

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