3 Under Utilized Dating Apps Features You Should Leverage Now

Dating apps features can actually help you to have quality dates and ensure that you do not waste time with wishy washy guys who are not sure what they want and are there just to waste your time and energy in dating.

If you have been on dating apps for quite some time right now, you would have noticed that dating apps actually have a lot of features, but you may not exactly know how to use them to your advantage. 

In most cases, you may not even know they exist and even if you know, you think that it is not very important. If you have been complaining that you will go on dates with people that you come across on dating apps and they turn out to be really sucky, here are the three dating apps features that you should explore in order to make better decisions when it comes to deciding who to go out with.

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My Experience

I never go on dates with people that I am not able to talk to on dating apps. If you know, Tinder and Bumble actually have the In-App call and video call functions come on which I actually started actively using during the pandemic, because that is the only way of somehow trying to virtually date someone. 

I was also able to identify people who have faked their age when I was able to video call them because of course they were not who they claimed to be.

The other safety feature that I have successfully used is the block and report function on Bumble when I come across someone from my past who had been bugging me on the app twice. 

To an extent, I still think that dating apps have excellent features because you can learn a lot about them, if they are not lying, by looking at their preferences and understanding who they are from the questions that they have answered in the questionnaires.

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3 Under-Utilized Dating Apps Features You Should Leverage Now

  1. Video Call/Voice Call Function on Bumble and Tinder

I don’t actually believe in people who ask you out immediately after matching with you. Why do guys on dating apps want your number immediately? This is because they are lazy, they are not putting in enough effort to get to know you on the app itself. If someone is invested in finding a relationship, they would somehow log in to the reading app at least once a day.

Stop letting men tell you that they are busy and they do not have time to log in to the app and ask for your number easily. I’m not saying that you’re not supposed to give your number to the guys that you’re dating on dating apps, but people who have been there for quite some time have learned that it is okay not to give out your number until you have actually met them at least once.

And how do you actually save your energy and time, in ensuring that you are only going to invest your time in going out with guys who are the time? Make use of the voice and video call functions because, through the video call, you will somehow get to know how they look and see if you would like to go out with them.

I know people talk about the Vibe that you get when you meet someone in person. However, the world has changed so much and if we can sense energy through text messages and even voice calls, what makes you think that you cannot gauge someone to an extent through video calls?

  1. OkCupid’s Questionnaires

This is something that I recently tried and I really think that OkCupid’s questionnaires really brilliant because they have endless questions for people to answer, and then you will be able to see their answers if you make your answers public.

Again, you must be thinking that people can fake things by just answering something that is politically correct. This is true, and as I said earlier, it is not possible for us to get to know someone immediately because it takes time. However, with the existence of these questionnaires, we somehow can learn a little bit about people. 

I actually love their questions on finance and their preference to living together and also a little bit about their sexual preferences because you will learn how fast these people want to have intimate relationships with you. If someone says that they are not willing to wait for a long time to have an intimate relationship, then you immediately know that this person is not for you.

  1. Incognito Mode on Bumble

If you have been on Bumble, I am sure that you have come across the option to go incognito, and this would enable you to hide in the app for a bit let’s say you are not ready to date actively yet. 

This is excellent if you think that you want to pause dating for a bit because instead of deleting your app altogether, you can actually go on incognito mode and only the people that you swipe right on will actually see you therefore this gives you some level of control on who you are talking to.

If you do not want to appear on the cards when other people are using the app, you should definitely try the incognito mode in order to stay low profile and have a piece of mind while dating on your own terms.

Why Should You Exercise Caution On Dating Apps?

  • Potential Time-Wasters

I am recommending you fully utilize The Voice and also video call functions on Tinder and Bumble because this is going to eliminate a lot of potential time wasters. Imagine you getting all dressed up and driving to a location to meet this guy for a date, only to see that he is actually a 54-year-old guy and not the 34-year-old guy that he claimed to be.

  • Scammers 

Did I mention scammers? Dating apps features have evolved a lot so that you can actually report and block people, and when you do that, they will ask why you are blocking them. If you have noticed scamming behaviors throughout your conversation with them, like attempts to extort money from you, you can indicate this in your report and they will take immediate actions. 

Knowing this, a lot of scammers actually prefer to move the conversation out of the app as soon as they match with you. This was what happened to me in the past on Tinder as this guy tried to move the conversation to Skype and I was already chatting with him on Skype when he asked me to help him reload a prepaid number in the country where I’m living in, saying that it is the number of his business partner.

I immediately knew that this was a scammer and I blocked him and reported him on Tinder. Guess what? I actually saw him again after a few months under a different name on Tinder.

  • People Could Impersonate Celebrities

Ever seen people who put photos of good-looking people only to know that they are some famous people that you don’t know, and they look horrific in real life?

This is why I think that video calling them before you go out to meet them is an excellent way to identify if they are lying.

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What is the main purpose of dating apps?

Dating apps features actually are there to help you filter people and identify the best matches so that you can move the conversation off the app and form a connection with them in real life. Dating apps are a platform for you to get to know new people, and it is a point of connection and not to be treated as the only medium of communication in getting to know them.

What do people look for in a dating app?

Similar life goals, and lightheartedness whereby they have a good sense of humor and they are also mentally and financially stable – these are the common traits that people look into when they are dating on dating apps. This is because it gives them a common ground to build a relationship.

What makes a good dating app?

A good dating app should actually identify the consumer’s needs. A good dating app should be narrowed down to serve a particular customer segment, like people who are looking for long-term relationships. This ensures that only people who are looking for long-term relationships are in the app and it would further enhance the credibility of the app itself.

What are the positive effects of dating apps?

Pros of using online dating

  • It saves you time in looking for a potential partner.
  • You can be multi-dating and save time in dating to find your partner.
  • You can save money driving to a location and spending on food
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