Should I Block Him? A Sure Big Truth Why You Won’t

“Should I block him on social media and my phone contact?”. You want to move on but also feel like your ego has been bruised because you don’t want to seem weak by blocking him. You think that blocking him is a sign of weakness. Or perhaps, you want to wait until he comes around to see if he has love intention and seek revenge by letting him be on a blue tick.

I’ve been in your situation and here’s why blocking him is the solution to move on but also why you won’t block him.

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My Experience

Should I block him or should I just act cool like nothing has been bothering me? Why should I block him and make it obvious that it has been bothering me? I should be strong enough to not let him impact my mental health.

I’ve been confused just like you in many instances, like my breakups and also after ending things with toxic people that I was dating. Here is my take on when you should block a guy and why. I have been able to move on without blocking people and also by blocking people.

Now, let me just add some caveats to these situations because I am naturally a person who prefers having no contact with people I deem not helping my mental health. I hate being in ambiguous situations, and I would usually seek clarity in all my relationships. Knowing who you are and what makes you feel good will help you identify what you should do when deciding if you should block someone. 

I have blocked my exes. I do not prefer being in touch with my exes and this helped me move on in the past. I had one of them reaching out to me on Bumble after the pandemic, and that is after more than a decade of separating. I reported him on Bumble because I know he is still a jackass that I knew many years ago.

I was obsessed with a guy who wasn’t in the situation to reciprocate my effort and feelings, and I had a hard time moving on from him. That was when Tinder came into the picture, and I found someone fun to talk to, but I forgot the guy existed. I was able to move on without blocking because I found people who were treating me better and I lost the interest I had previously had in that guy.

If you know that you cannot move on and you are going back to reading old messages and stalking him on social media, it is a sign you should block someone.

Here’s a truth bomb: even if you block him, you should make sure you engage in healthy activities and try not to rewind old conversations in your mind so that you can disengage with the mental energy that you shared when you were in touch with him.

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Should I Block Him? 3 Reasons Why You Should 

  1. You Are Emotionally Wounded 

If you are emotionally wounded and you are still wondering “Should I block him?” you certainly should because you have to protect your energy from being messed up further by being in contact with this person. When we are emotionally wounded, usually we wouldn’t be able to think straight. When we are emotionally wounded, we go back and read old messages and try to rewind the good things that happened between us and this person.

  1. They Are Confusing You

This could be your friend, your crush, or just about anyone, not just the romantically inclined person that you are obsessed with. If they are confusing you and are inconsistent with their messages and the way they act to the extent that you are not sure where you stand in their life, you should block them. 

This includes behaviors like love bombing then ghosting, breadcrumbing, and blowing things hot and cold.

  1. You Want To Move On Peacefully

If you have given it enough thought and you have considered the repercussions of your actions, and you think that there is no way to salvage the relationship or if you don’t see a future with this person, you need to block him to move on peacefully. 

Imagine giving him time, trying to talk to him to see what he thinks about you, and giving him enough space so that he can circle back to you just in case he is interested in having a relationship with you, but nothing is transpiring out of your patience with him.

If you know that you have explained yourself enough and you are not seeing reciprocity in terms of effort, and you think that this person would pop up out of the blue trying to connect with you casually, you should block him because he might be popping up randomly on a beautiful Sunday evening when you have perfectly moved on and finally accepted the fact that there would not be closure from him.

If you think that this person can confuse you or if you could be thinking about why he left you, you should block him. Only you have the answer to this situation because only you know how much power you have given him to affect you mentally.

If you think you are not sure, you should definitely block him. 

It reminds me of an incident when someone reached out to me out of the blue on Telegram even when I blocked him on WhatsApp. He cooked up some stories that gained my sympathy and I regretted giving him the benefit of the doubt because there certainly were no changes in his behaviors.

Should I Block Him: 3 Reasons Why You Won’t?

Should I block him? Here are some of the reasons why you should be blocking him but you are hesitating.

  1. You Think Blocking Is Powerless

You think that the act of blocking someone on social media or even on the phone is a sign that you are powerless. I know a lot of people would say that you wouldn’t let something affect you if you were strong enough. However, you need to remember that you already have been affected by this person. Therefore, you need to focus on healing and becoming stronger. 

In this case, blocking someone is a redemptive of your power. It does not matter what they think of you, what you need to remember is to do the right thing for yourself.

  1. You Want To Seek Revenge/Closure

You are also not blocking him because you want to seek revenge or even seek closure if he chooses to get back to you someday in the future. 

You think that you could seek revenge by not responding to his messages if he texts you. You also secretly refused to block him because you want to seek the closure that you’ve been wanting to know for the longest time. If he decides to text you, you will have the chance to rekindle the connection and seek clarity for his behavior.

  1. You Still Like Them and Don’t Love Yourself Enough

The other reason why you do not want to block him is because you do not love yourself enough and you are allowing yourself to be in an ambiguous situation because you still like them. 

You have to remember that although you like someone, you cannot allow them to disrespect you and treat you like a doormat. By having a firm boundary, you are teaching people how to treat you. 

Always remember that people loving you is not enough. They need to love you the right way.

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Is it better to block him or not?

For many people, blocking is a way of preparing to get through a break-up better. This is especially true if you think that the connection that you had with this person is not going to be helpful for you to move on.

Do men care if you block them?

Men have big egos and when you block them, they might feel insulted and challenged because they no longer have access to your energy. They can also feel embarrassed and angry because you have identified their true intention.

How do I know if I should block him?

Are they actually struggling to let you go? Are they trying to reconnect with you even after you’ve explained that you do not want to be contacted and you want to move on peacefully? Then, this is a sign that you should block them.

Is it better to block or ignore?

If you think that you are strong enough to ignore someone even if they reach out to you out of the blue, then you can just ignore them and move on. However, if you have been really impacted by this person in your life and you want to take a break from them, then blocking is definitely a better option for you to completely heal.

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